Have you ever failed? If not, then you may never succeed. If you have failed a number of times, then you are very close to a brilliant success. Failure and success are not orthogonal to each other. Rather the axes of failures are very close to that of a success.

Failure and success are like twin sisters or brothers, one wears a medal and the other doesn’t. Life is beautifully intertwined with fine threads of success and failures.

Success opens a door to acquiring wealth, and failure can open you many doors towards success

When we get success in any work, it not only gives us joy, it can also open an opportunity to earn money. A winner in sports attracts more sponsors for his/her future endeavours. It can also boost the career by many fold. And, one great success may sometimes bring lethargy in regular practice, and may even block further success.

On the other hand, each failure can open multiple opportunities. Each of the opportunities can open newer avenues. Each of the avenues gives a chance to fight back with renewed vigour. The possibility of success brightens.

If we represent success and failure in geometric figures, the axis of failure remains very close to that of a success

This can be understood very well from the results of the sports arena, such as the Olympics. In the 2016 Rio Olympics we observed many such examples.

Indian gymnast, Dipa Karmakar, made history at the Rio Olympics 2016 by becoming the first Indian woman to compete in an Olympics final in gymnastics. She is from a remote state of India called Tripura. She did not have proper facilities to practice gymnastics. Despite that she won many medals in several competitions.

She qualified for the Olympics. Only five women in the history of Olympics executed the difficult gymnastic move called Produnova, which is also called the “Vault of Death”. She is one such a brave woman of gymnastics to execute Produnova. The points Dipa scored in the Olympics final is just 0.150 less than that of the third position holder.

Dipa is a winner. She has the power of winning many more competitions in the future. She is an inspiration for the upcoming Indian gymnasts.

Life is beautifully intertwined with fine threads of success and failures

Success is always less compared to the failures. The failures give us the practising experiments. We get the knowledge and the experience. We are able to move forward to do more. On the way, we are drenched with tiny droplets of success here and there.


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