Are you looking to experience lasting success in a joyful and balanced way? I know a lot of people who are my clients and they are very successful but few are living with joy with a peaceful stress free mind.

This is why I wrote The Yogi Code.

What is The Yogi Code? It is the 7 Universal Laws of Infinite Success. Who doesn’t strive for infinite success? I don’t hear people say, “I’m aiming for a little, small amount of success.”

No. People say they want big, bold, and huge all encompassing success, which basically means they want it all, and forever. This is why I mention infinite success.

Success comes easy to all of us at some point in our relationships or career. But it’s short lived for most people because of a few factors:

1. Not making enough effort

2. Losing interest before success has fully rooted

3. Not having staying power

4. Not having conviction that you are fully committed especially through the tough times

5. Not knowing the true reason or intention behind your actions.

There are many more reasons but these are my top five.

The Yogi Code is seven different areas of life that need perfecting, for your life to be transformed on a body, mind and soul level. Transformation that doesn’t include all these three levels is incomplete and momentary. It lacks foundation to last very long.

Let’s look into each code and the significance of them.

The first code is Routine. Your routine is basically everything you do from the moment you wake up until you go to bed. And this routine needs a little (or a lot) of editing to make sure you are making time for all the meaningful aspects of your life like family, work, practise, exercise and relationships.

It is very easy to have such a compact and full routine which doesn’t have a balance of all that is necessary to keep you joyful in life. This first code and important step needs a lot of attention before continuing to the next codes.

Your routine needs some room for your Practise, which is the second code. Daily Spiritual Practise is the foundation of a person’s life, especially if you want to be able to live the other codes and find the secret to infinite success.

Daily spiritual practise in the book is defined as connecting to your higher conscious power so you can take that energy into your day and act out of kindness, patience and with loving communication.

So spiritual practice is not only what you do in the morning as a practise but you continue putting it into practise throughout your interactions.

There are five special practises, which become your daily practise.

Code number three is Knowing Yourself. Because you become rooted into practise and create such strong inner energy, you now get to know who you really are and what drives you in the direction you are traveling.

Knowing ourselves is the root of successful living, because we truly live the life we intended and not the one we follow but are not sure we love.

Code number four is setting specific Intentions. If you haven’t practised and gone through the exercise of knowing yourself, how can you set proper intentions for yourself? Most people never reach their intended goal because their intentions are not full of knowledge about themselves and what they really want.

Once you have set your intentions you will naturally arrive into your Purpose, which is code number five. Your life purpose is very unique to you and no one else and the path you take to fulfil that purpose needs to be very clear.

But because you have spent time on knowing yourself and set specific intentions, your life purpose will slowly show itself in the form of your intuition.

Now that you are full of excitement of understanding your purpose you can move on to code number six: being of Service. What is the use of all this development and progress in life if we are not sharing it with others and helping them to also evolve on their path?

Being of service to your fellow beings will come naturally at this phase of your development because you are feeling grounded and purposeful in your life. This energy is very special and fulfilling to you and to the recipients.

The culmination, of balancing your Routine, doing your 5 daily Yogi Code practices, knowing yourself, setting specific intentions, arriving at your purpose and being of service to all, is the gift of Love.

This is why we don’t need to look for love, fall into love or wonder where it is. As you follow this perfect system of codes, love will be the natural outcome for you.

Love doesn’t need discovering but uncovering. Our inner love has only been covered and hidden by our mind, ego, conflicts, misunderstandings and fear, and once we have removed the veil by following each code, we will remember that love never disappeared but was behind the curtain of our mind.

In the next piece I will break down the codes even more so you can truly know how to move beyond all your negativity and suffering, so you can experience peace.

(This is the first column in a three-part series)

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  • Yogi Cameron

    Yogi, Ayurvedic Practitioner, Author, TV host.

    Yogi Cameron first started practicing Yoga in Paris at the Shivananda center in 1987. After being mentored in natural medicine until 1999 he embarked on becoming certified in Yoga at the Integral Yoga Institute in New York City as well as the Sri Satchidananda Ashram. Yogi continued his studies into Ayurvedic Medicine at Arsha Vidya Peetam in South India under the guidance of Sri Vasudevan of the Nataraj Lineage as well as Dr. Hari Pallathery. YC has also trained at the International School of Ayurveda in Puna, India under the guidance of Dr. Sachin Aru and Dr. Sachin Kuber. Yogi Cameron has been featured on The Dr. Oz Show, The Ellen DeGeneres Show, The Today Show, Extra and Martha, amongst others. He has also been featured in The New York Times, Men’s Journal, Wall Street Journal, The London Times and ELLE magazine, and is a regular contributor to the Huffington Post, MindBodyGreen amongst others. Yogi Cameron is the author of The Guru In You and The One Plan as well as the host of the show “A model guru on ZLiving. He is also an expert on the radio show Conversations with Maria Menounos on SiriusXM.