It was a late winter evening when a pop-up notification showed up on my iPhone. It went something like this: “@mrsahilkhan has started a live video, watch it before it ends.” I clicked upon it, and then I closed the live video. It was cold, I was enjoying the solemnity, so I started scrawling through Instagram feeds.

Whoa, I saw a post stating: “As you get older, you’ll realise that a Michael Kors wallet and a Forever 21 wallet hold the same amount of money. A $300,000 house and a $100,000 house host the same loneliness.”

It hit me hard, honestly. I grew up in India, a country where people dwell with a billion dreams. But maybe, only a few are able to find that happiness which the soul seeks. That satisfaction stays missing.

But one thing which I always notice is that people try to find happiness in materials. I think people think it is in those gift-wrapped boxes or maybe in that very showroom of TAG Heuer where there is a poster of Mr. Shah Rukh Khan.  

While being on a journey constantly influenced by materialistic values, we often forget there is something more important than money—Happiness. The whole focus shifts to the material’s attraction from the main point of feeling joyous.

In this world full of possibilities, to thrive is to keep your head up and smile. Being in the right state of mind doesn’t mean to buy expensive things but to value relationships, building a career and enjoying moments.

I remember I used to sit in front of television late at night to watch Cristiano Ronaldo score. That was it. I didn’t need to visit that stadium to do it. Life is like that. You don’t need to own something or be on a particular promenade to feel relaxed. I think an evening walk down the busiest road heals more than a Netflix subscription. Wait, before you think I am judging you, for guys who like movies and drama series, maybe Netflix works better.

Perhaps people think expensive and glamorous things bring cheer, if so then have you ever wondered how you got the most precious and invaluable thing—Your Life?

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  • Mozammil Rana

    Contributing author

    Hey stranger, I hail from the western region of a country named India on this tiny magical planet.​ I am pursuing an undergrad degree with finance as a major. I am an active learner and quite passionate about investment banking and corporate finance. As of now I learn from internships. ​Writing is something I rely on, like you do on breathing. I live to thrive, explore, share and reach out. I am a voracious reader and have a heart full of compassion towards travelling places. You can find me brewing coffee often!