‘Did it from the Gram’, ‘Feeling cute might delete later’, ‘Netflix and Chill’, ‘Sorry not sorry’, #woke, #goalsAF, ‘On Fleek’, #Bae, #Lit, ‘I can’t even’! 

If you’ve ever used any of these terms in your daily dialect, you, my friend, are a part of the millennial generation.

The average 90s’ kid has swiftly migrated from writing love letters to using dating apps and making 2 am snacks to ordering them online. However, what has also evolved is the awareness of this generation towards their mental and physical health. 

The millennials are more willing to prioritise their well-being and peace over other things. This is one of the main reasons why the digital fitness industry has been flourishing. From curated workouts to sleep-inducing lullabies and mindful meditations, everything is available and accessible in the palm of the user. They can track everything from their calorie intake to their daily footsteps. This generation perfectly blends the digital and the fitness world.

Millennials are also known as the “wellness generation”—they are open to adopting healthy lifestyle habits. And it is easily available with the help of apps! Research says, 80 per cent of Indians swear by fitness apps to track their fitness progress! Health is a daily pursuit for them. 

It is not a coincidence that most of the trends in recent years have been nutritional or fitness related. From keto diets to six-pack abs, all of the trends subtly promote healthier living. 

While most of the trends tend to sound bizarre, few do stick. Millennials who live their lives on the internet are slowly incorporating the age-old practise of yoga in their routine. 

Yoga is a lifestyle known to relieve stress and help one discover oneself. Most of the millennials are aware of the fact that yoga is the best way to deal with the stress and expectations of a sedentary lifestyle that they lead. 

Here are some reasons why a millennial should adopt the yoga lifestyle:

Happiness and self-love

The most important thing is to enjoy your life—to be happy—it’s all that matters. 

Audrey Hepburn

What most of us overlook is that we’re the generation that lives our life in two phases: on the web and in reality. We often tend to compare our reality with everyone else’s “web life”. This creates room for unnecessary comparisons, FOMOs, and overthinking, making us unhappy and indulge in self-criticism. Yoga is the best way out! Technically during the practise of yoga, we raise serotonin, oxytocin and GABA levels in our body and the feeling of happiness scientifically has everything to do with the chemical reactions in our body.

Yoga also reduces blood pressure and cortisol, which is the stress hormone; this makes us calm and relaxed. Yoga grounds us. When we feel complete in our skin, the question of inferiority or superiority complex doesn’t arise!

Working on your body

Flat tummies, toned muscles, and sculpted physique. These are the #FitnessGoals of every millennial, and we’re ready to put in hard work to achieve these goals. Yoga helps you accomplish these missions and gives you the liberty to choose the time and place to practise the asanas. You can do it at home on a smartphone with the help of an app or at a yoga class, as long as you get in the daily dose of the yoga flow.

Mindfulness is key

The obsessive overthinking generation, YES that’s us. We like to think about the minute details of everything we do and what others do to us. Don’t deny, we’ve all spent hours deciphering a ‘text’ and unfortunately made our BFFs do it with us. Honestly, we need to chill!

And yoga does just that, it gives us the much-needed clarity of thought that we need to “chill”. It makes us more mindful of the ‘now’, and encourages us to live in the PRESENT!

For the Gram 

Let’s be real—Yoga is one of the most Instagrammable forms of workout! Whether you’re slaying the session with the Warrior 1 pose or reaching new heights with the Sirsasana, there’s one thing we can’t refuse and that is—yoga makes our profile look good! We’ve indulged in shopping online for the perfect pair of yoga pants and the quirkiest yoga mat for the practise. Why even do something if you can’t Gram about it later, right? 

It’s super cool

Fly like Superman? Feel like a goddess? Balance like Spiderman? Well, yoga makes all of these come true. Yoga is more than just what meets the eye. It helps you fly in the air, balance on water and feel eternally royal! You know what I am talking about if you’ve ever been to an aerial yoga class or an aqua yoga session. The beauty of yoga is that it can mold into any form you want it to. From yoga on paddleboards in the middle of the ocean to yoga with eye folds on. Yoga tends to transcend us into different worlds.

Millennials are the curious, authentic and tech-savvy gen who leave no stone unturned to achieve what they want. TBH this is a mentally and physically demanding lifestyle, but yoga has our back. Yoga is a perfect blend of yoga asanas and breathwork that keeps us sane, de-stressed and balanced. It is our cheerleader that encourages us to love, respect and honour ourselves and our bodies. It allows us to branch out to newer challenges and take them on with ease.

Most of all it teaches us that we are enough and complete. Happy yoga friends! 

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  • Sarvesh Shashi

    Founder, SARVA

    The 26-year old Sarvesh Shashi co-founded Sarva along with his Guruji, India's Happiest Chain of Yoga studios in 2013 when he was just 21 years of age. His love for yoga combined with his entrepreneurial genes gave birth to Sarva. Sarva thrives on the principle of using yoga, mindfulness and beyond as the tool with which to empower people to lead happier and healthier lives. A charismatic speaker with an entrepreneurial spirit, Sarvesh has shared his story and revelations at conferences like the INK conference, TEDx, UN’s Youth Changemakers Conclave and has been featured on CNBC, Bloomberg TV and BTVi. Sarvesh was named India's Youngest CEO in the Health and Wellness Sector by Bloomberg and was named by Better Homes & Gardens as one of the Top 10 people in India to watch out for. A conservatively modern thought leader, buoyant performer and a constant source of joy, Sarvesh at 26 is a force to reckon with.