People had a hard time believing I wanted to start from scratch. Deciding to change careers isn’t easy, especially when you want to quit a job that pays you well and enables you to travel—like that of a cabin crew. After flying for three years, I sensed the need to pursue something else.

Why? Because I didn’t like my job? Not quite. I liked my job but while I was at it, I constantly felt the urge to put my right brain to work too. So, I decided to quit.

A winding career path is totally okay!

First, you’re an intern. Then you’re hired as an assistant. Next, you become a coordinator, a specialist, or a manager. Perhaps then, you jump companies building a resume of positions that show perfectly timed growth in your chosen field. Sounds like the ideal career plan? Not always. 

There are equally successful people whose paths aren’t so straight forward. Their varied interests drive them to try out different classes, degrees, and careers in search for what they truly love.

I surely belong to this group. By taking a winding path, I gained practical knowledge, developed a varied skillset, and of course, figured out what I wanted out of a career. 

From the skies to the ground

When they say let the universe do it for you… I disagree. It doesn’t matter how and when you realise that you need to switch; what matters is, that you do. That’s the most the universe is going to do—make you aware of things. But it’s about how you move forward. Settle for what you have? Or start with what you really want?

I enjoyed the solace I found in writing, reading, and painting, over the perks I received as a cabin crew. This is when I realised that there was something more I wanted from a job. I needed a job that got my creative juices flowing. So, ironically enough, the sky did become the limit for me.

From writing flight reports to writing content for clients

It took me four months after I quit my job to establish a footing in the content industry. I won’t sell you a theory that says it’s easy. But if you’ve made up your mind, then you’ll pave the road too. Start with doing what is necessary, then what is possible, and you’ll find yourself doing what you thought was impossible. 

The shift from writing flight reports to content for clients was alluring and challenging. And, how did I know this was it? The ability to use my creative capabilities to create content that engaged a reader, gave me job satisfaction—encouraging me to learn and grow in the field of content. 

What else worked for me when I took this bizarre leap? My workplace—one that adopts an open and positive work culture to bring out the best in every employee.  

Leveraging transferrable skills

Keep learning, keep growing, and be proud of the fact that you bring a unique perspective and adaptable skillset to the table. Along with enhanced soft skills, the role of a cabin crew shaped me to be dedicated, responsible, resourceful, and a vigilant leader. It is incredible how I am able to use these skills when the situation calls for it. For instance, being a former cabin lead, I find it easy to responsibly take charge of tasks, projects, and internal trainings. 

Dream. Dare. Do

People may have opinions on your choice of career paths if it doesn’t fit their idea of a secure future. And, I think that’s okay. It’s their prerogative to have an opinion. What matters is that you’re ready for it. Ready to evaluate your job satisfaction; assess your interests, values, and skills; and act truly to the answer that follows!

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  • Chandni Gujar

    Writer and Creative Evangelist

    Chandni packs a work ethic and strives to get things done way before the deadline, and it takes quite a lot for this young shutterbug to snap. A skip in her step and a smile across her face is all it takes for her to crack some of the toughest client briefs. Being a voracious reader, Chandni's repertoire consists of an armoury of amplified vocabulary. In her free time, you'd find her drooling over Murakami, setting a blueprint for her next painting, or jamming to Eminem.