Established in 2006 with the mission to be the world’s leading marketing technology services agency for multinational organisations, Verticurl, a division of Ogilvy, enables MarTech platforms. Today, with a presence in over 14 countries with over 800 resources, it activates Customer Experience Technologies, implements Lead Management processes to accelerate revenue conversion and leverages marketing technology for operational excellence.

Since joining Verticurl in 2009, Verticurl’s Global VP, Client Services and Business Development Nate McNabb creates and delivers customer success roadmaps along with his team. As a team leader and mentor, he believes inmotivating and generating positivity through public praise. In Verticurl, he has worked closely with Dell, LinkedIn, First Data Corporation, and Honeywell in the development of scalable programmes to drive demand generation, increased customer engagement and operational efficiency.

Though he agrees that his ‘relationship with technology’ is “constant, perpetual, and unavoidable”, he adds that it is possible to manage screen time with “periods of mindfulness and sleep”.

In an e-mail interview with Thrive Global India, McNabb, a recipient of the United States Air Force Achievement Medal and numerous corporate awards and citations, shares his idea of well-being in a high-performing job.

Thrive Global India: How do you incorporate well-being among employees in your organisation?

Nate McNabb: Prior to participating in the Thrive programme, we didn’t have a structured way to incorporate or reinforce well-being in our global organisations. Some offices might have chosen to exercise together periodically, but since we started Thriving, we have a common process we can follow, together.

TGI: What healthy living practices do you follow?

NMN: Prior to Thrive, I viewed healthy living as mostly exercise and diet only. Since starting the programme, I understand it is much more than that and it’s easier to gain personal satisfaction by focusing on different categories when I’m unable to focus on all. For example, if I’m travelling and can’t exercise as much, I focus on mindfulness that day.

TGI: How do you handle stress and burnout?

NMN: I suffered burnout a few years ago. A few days off always does the trick. When stressed, I try to pause, give myself some space and, when ready, find an ally in the organisation I can just talk to about what’s bothering me.

TGI: What does your organisation do to ensure a better world to live in?

NMN: We try to eliminate the use of excess plastics as much as possible by using recyclable cups and glasses to create a cleaner environment. We also have flexible work schedules that allow periodic work from home. This, in turn, lessens the use of fossil fuels from driving and public transportation.

TGI: Do tell us about the work environment at Verticurl.

NMN: In many of our global offices we have dedicated areas to relax and unwind. We’ve adopted ‘Keep Thriving’ as our corporate mantra for wellness. We’ve definitely noticed improvement in mood, happiness and performance since we’ve started ‘thriving’.

TGI: How do you incorporate well-being into your daily life? What benefits do you observe?

NMN: Hydration, meditation, exercise, and sleep are all part of my daily routine since starting the Thrive programme. Diet is next, maybe. I’m generally in a better mood, I think more clearly, and I’m able to be more logical when making decisions or collaborating with the team.


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