In those bleak times, when you feel overwhelmed and there’s a cloud of negativity hovering over you, you might need to pause, reflect and spend some time trying to restore yourself. A bath can help. 

A bath not only cleans your physical grime, the enclosed space of a bathroom can be your sanctum—a place where you are allowed to exist with your thoughts, feelings, emotions for as long as you need. When you immerse yourself in a bath, you can purify both your body and your aura. 

What to do? Take a salt water bath!

1. Pick a day where you have more time than usual. Now set aside at least half an hour of that day to a spiritual and cleansing bath. You can light candles or incense; play relaxing music; and make sure no one (human or technology) disturbs you. 

2. Fill your bath with lukewarm water at a level that feels comfortable. 

3. Now add two to three handfuls of Himalayan pink or rock salt. This is advisable instead of table salt because table salt is superiorly refined, robbing it of beneficial minerals. 

4. Add a few drops of pure essential oils—lavender, for instance, to feel relaxed.

5. Soak for half an hour. 

6. Take some spare salt and massage your body, alternating between gentle and rigorous. 

7. When you soak and massage with rock salt, the natural trace elements and minerals in it such as zinc or potassium are absorbed by the skin. Rock salt also exfoliates the skin and rids it of dead cells and impurities.

8. Salt water baths can also help relieve varied muscular aches and pains along with sore joints. It also increases circulation, which can help you feel energised. 

Final Step: Meditative Bathing

When you soak or massage, make sure you do it mindfully. 

Talk to yourself: If you’ve accumulated a lot of negative energy, you will know: Perhaps you’re easily irritable, angry, or feel dejected and tired—both physically and mentally. It’s important that you are aware of the thoughts in the deepest corners of your mind and take necessary steps to heal yourself. 

Make yourself feel safe and secured: While you can use your bath time to think, remember that it’s also a time to care for yourself. So think consciously and be mindful. Focus on being peaceful by letting go of something that you no longer need. Make time for things that matter by dropping things that don’t. 

Use affirmations: Finally, just before you’re going to wrap yourself in a towel and get on with your day, remember to not let your mind unnecessarily obsess over pains and problems. 

Use positive affirmations to take control. I am washing away all negative energies and making room for light and positivity. I appreciate what’s good around me. I am grateful. Good things are in store for me for the future. I am loved. 

End your bathing ritual with deep breathing, just breathe in and out; you will notice that you’re far more settled and calm than you were before the bath. 

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