When Kavita Seth, the renowned singer, is creating a song, the process is so engaging that often 24 hours seem less. Her day begins with yoga and immediately moves to riyaaz, practising tabla, and being around music. Naturally, she looks forward to getting sometime off. “Travel”, she says, “recharges you” and “declutters your mind”.

What motivates you in life?

Music. It contributes to my zest for life. My passion and profession have collided to ensure that my days aren’t routine or monotonous. Often, I don’t know how time flies and my day comes to an end.

Art can be made into a profession only with a lot of hard work and 100 per cent devotion. I think of good songs like works of art. It might not be difficult to come up with a good piece of music but polishing it to make it perfect is extremely difficult.

The effort is comparable to how hard a soldier works to save lives. The professions might be poles apart but are quite similar: one protects lives and the other touches lives.  

How do you stay physically fit?

I rehearse seated so my body doesn’t get a lot of physical exercise. Yoga is my best option. I have been practising yoga for seven-eight years. My instructor arrives at 5:45 am and we do yoga for an hour every day. The practice has increased my stamina and flexibility and has helped me focus for longer stretches of time.

My body feels free and my mind feels fresh after my yoga sessions and keeps me energised for the rest of the day. I also try to walk for an hour everyday but due to my busy schedule, I am often unable to stick to it.

And mentally?

I meditate. Meditation keeps the mind focused and doesn’t let thoughts stray. I practise meditation twice a day: before sleeping and after I wake up. I recently did a one-day Vipassana course and within three-four hours, my body felt light and my mind was filled with positive thoughts.

How often do you travel?

I love travelling, visiting new places and experiencing the local culture and cuisine. Once in every two or three months, I travel for my concerts and I extend the trip by two-three days to explore the city. Last month, I was in Singapore and also spent some time in the Jim Corbett National Park. I also make sure I continue practising yoga and meditation when I am travelling as it prevents by body from stiffening and helps me stay energised and fit.

How does travel help?

Travelling is especially essential for those in the creative field, it declutters your mind. Travel and stepping away from your home and workplace helps you recharge. Even if I travel to Lonavala for two days, the pollution-free air, and the absence of work stress relaxes my mind and body.


  • Nimrat Kaur is a student pursuing Liberal Arts from Symbiosis School for Liberal Arts. She is an avid reader and spends time reading crime thrillers. She blogs about love, life and laughter. Navigating her way through the 21st century, she is a 20-year-old girl trying to build her career around her passion for writing. Besides being an intern with Thrive Global India, she has also interned with the Digital Marketing Team of Colors TV at Viacom 18 and aspires to become an efficient copywriter.