Are you feeling the rut and stuck in a dull routine? You need to shine your brightest light and come into your glow power. Even when the world is witness to gloomy days of darkness in a pandemic, but you can shine your brightest light even in challenging times. 

This is not the time to underplay your radiance or stay away from the spotlight. Don’t dim your magic. This is the time to let go of your fears and shine in your own brightness. You are  fascinating, let that inner glow show. Use this pandemic slowdown as a time to let your natural, authentic personality shine through. 

Says Erica Sosna, in her TEDtalk How To Be A Bright Shining Star, “When we know that we are at the heart of a great adventure, we can craft a life rich in meaning, purpose and adventure. Sometimes it comes by accident, sometimes it is a deliberate choice, but once we fall into the structure of the Heroic Quest, something magical starts to happen  to us and we can move from ordinary to extraordinary. We have the tools to truly ‘sparkle’ and shine in our personal and professional endeavours.”

As we move into the festive season and the countdown to Diwali begins, which is about learning from shining your light on the darkest night to dispel darkness, we can learn a few lessons.

Believe in your awesomeness

Don’t let the darkness in the world, dull your sparkle. Don’t let failures or setbacks keep you from shining. Don’t shy away from praise or pass it off on someone else. Accept every kind word and amazing compliment and bask in it. Give out praise, it will be your power.

Take a judgement detox

Don’t lean on judgment as a great protector. Gabrielle Bernstein’s book The Judgement Detox talks about freeing yourself from the repetition of judgment which is habit-forming. That will also keep your energy vibrations high. Don’t try to push against your light or be afraid. Display your real authentic self and let yourself shine.

Look for ways to own your glow

Author Latham Thomas writes in her book, Own Your Glow: “Ask yourself these questions: are you ready to awaken to your dream? Are you ready to rise up to your greatness? Glow to me is more than something you possess or carry within you; it is an actual vibration you emanate. This is about finding your own creative edge, your sexy sauce, unabashedly crowning yourself, blossoming into leadership, moving away from darkness into your explosive glow power that will light up the universe.”

Let your creativity flow

Listen to your creative center, feed it and nurture. It will help you shine your light. It will empower you to lift yourself up. Creating takes time and patience. Own your creative process. Have a glow vision — what do you want to shine in, choose your field, let your creativity shine. Make it happen. Be driven, focused, and on top of your game.Latham Thoma says, “Go with your inner fire and be bold. Even in the darkness of a pandemic you have to put on your super-heroine suit when you can’t fly.”

Listen to your inner GPS (Glow Power System)

Every individual is sparked by different things. Inner glow is fuelled by ojas, a term that refers to the body’s internal energy reserves. Ask yourself: what inspires you? What do you wake up to everyday? Healthy relationships increase your ojas. Express gratitude, do some breathing exercises to balance your energies. Train your mind to shine in all situations. Know that you have this amazing opportunity to transform and alchemise what you’ve been handed in a pandemic.

Give to others

You shine brightest when you give to others. Help others effortlessly, with ease, without agenda or expectation of return. Fill yourself, give others. Don’t give because  you need acknowledgement or approval but because it’s your inherent nature.