It gladdens my heart to see the concept of sharing the load take centrestage. A radical change in the perception of shared responsibilities across all genders would only propel society forward making it a healthier and more productive nation.

I was born to academician parents—both professors, of economics and management respectively. As children, my sister and I saw equality as a pre-requisite to run our home as our parents were ambitious in their professional sphere but always kept family and home a priority.

So, sharing responsibilities was ingrained in our minds, and it was assured to be an essential ingredient in achieving a vibrant and happy nuclear family.

The equations remain quite the same in our home today—my wife is a yoga teacher, and I am an entrepreneur, both avid animal lovers who share a compassion for the less fortunate canines in the neighbourhood. Over 26 years on the marital path has taught us to respect the individuality of each other.

I am an early riser and so the onus of kickstarting the day with a cup of chai has been my forte. She shoulders the responsibility of winding down the energies at the end of the day. This understanding of our respective body clocks has added zing to our walk-through life.

“The team” which wins is the one, where each member, “shares the load” is as true in the game of life, as it is on the corporate arena.


  • Piyush Chopra

    Entrepreneur and engineer

    Hi everyone! I was born and brought up in New Delhi. I did my schooling from St. Xavier's and am an alumnus from Delhi College of Engineering. I moved to Mumbai to work at Carrier’s zonal office. A few years after marriage, my wife and I moved to Surat in Gujarat to start our own venture. I became a dealer of Carrier air conditioners and established another office in Goa. Later, we decided to expand the business and launched in Gurgaon, which was still an upcoming city with just a few high rises. Since 2013, I have run the businesses from Delhi NCR. 

    I believe it was a combination of hard work and luck that helped me continue my passion, build a team, and be a successful entrepreneur for so many years. While life happened, I spent my free time reading (especially Paulo Coelho), grew closer to the teachings of Dalai Lama, became an avid animal lover and a proud husband and father.