Now is the only reality, all else is either memory or imagination.


Life is a beautiful journey to be enjoyed, but is often perceived as a destination waiting for us. How are you enjoying this journey while the world is faced with the pandemic?

I have let years pass by living in anticipation for the perfect future and lost all the precious moments that life had given me. The uncertain time that we face is something that can do that to us. Before we know it, a year will be gone worrying for what is next to come. I would like to request you not to forsake your today for the tomorrow you have not seen.

While we plan to navigate the situation, we must also consider the life we live today. The health we have today, the family we have today, the friends we have today and the memories we can create today.

The time that I have with my husband and twins is something I had never imagined I would get. I am an ambitious woman and love to learn and contribute to different fronts of my life. I lead a second generation business, I serve on the board of an entrepreneurs organisation, I contribute to students through the family foundation. All these roles, along with being a hands on mother, make me stretch in different directions every single day. There were days that would pass with a blink of an eye and moments would feel like haze.

While I enjoyed my journey before the pandemic I am amazed and how much I am cherishing this quiet time with my husband and twins.

Have you ever felt that you would want to hold the moment of looking into your children’s eyes and their smile forever in your heart?

Have you ever felt you would love to feel the presence of your partner in a never ending holiday?

Have you ever felt you would want to read and write or do what you love without your schedule Interfering with your state of flow?

I have been fortunate to experience this peace and would love for you to not miss this moment to celebrate your life for what it is. I would love to share things you can do for you to engrave the moments of life in its pure form. It’s the connection we must deepen in this time.

1. Connect with yourself: Connect with your soul, be with yourself in silence and get to know who you are. Once you connect with yourself, your connection with life will get deeper. This is the time to go within to know yourself and discover who you are.

2. Connect with your children: Connection with your children at the level of what their age requires is paramount in parenting them to emotional strength. The more emotional strong they are, the more resilient they will be. Playing games, dancing, playing with the ball. Be their friend as they would want on a playdate. They are surely missing the life they have known. Let’s fill the gap.

3. Connect with your partner: We may not realise but we ease the connection while playing multiple roles in our regular daily life. It’s about keeping things in order for the family and kids that take priority rather than connecting with one another on a human level. Loving, appreciating and honouring each other consciously is what we must bring into our relationships

4. Connect with your family: I am impressed by how creative the world has become on this front. I have played games with my cousins from all over the world on Zoom. Spoken to family I have not spoken with in months. Using this time and technology to touch base with family who were part of my growing up life gave me immense pleasure and brought back  priceless memories.

Now is the time to rebuild, reconnect and strengthen all the connections that we hold close to our heart and live in love, in gratitude, as it is in the now—that Is what will count for a successful tomorrow. The essence of life is prioritising the self and your relationships.

I invite you to consciously connect with these areas of your life and feel the happiness, faith and love you are allowed to feel.

Let now not become the past that we will regret and rather the memories that we cherish.


  • Meher Mirchandani


    Manrre Logistics Fund

    An award-winning entrepreneur, healer, and coach, Meher is the Director of Manrre Logistics Fund and  Managing Director of Palmon Group. She is a maven who balances her various roles with equal ease and  persistent hard work—whether it is that of a business leader, decision maker, wife, daughter, or a devoted  mother to her twin daughters.   An inherently empathetic leader, she is a source of inspiration for her core team of leaders and leads by  focusing on conscious leadership based on her personal and her company’s values. As one of the Forbes top  Indian leaders, Meher believes that culture is the cornerstone of an organization, and she is responsible for  creating and building a culture with a growth mindset at Palmon and Manrre that empowers leaders to be  their best on all fronts of their lives.   Her leadership principle is “Success is something you attract by the person you become. It is your  dedication to consistently grow yourself that will yield you the life you desire.” Her personal journey has  brought about a breakthrough and transformation in her, which she shares in her first book ‘Come Alive’.  Come Alive addresses the answer to the question, ‘Are you truly Alive’?   Her book uncovers that there is nothing missing in life and that you are enough and limitless! It helps you  understand that you are complete. It sheds light on the fact that the relationship we have with ourselves is  what determines the quality of every other relationship in our life. Her journey concludes, that the feeling  of something missing is nothing else but the connection with ourself.  Through this book, the author guides you to know, nurture, appreciate, and fall in love with yourself.  Her five-phase process will lead you to prioritize yourself, love yourself and ultimately come alive. Being  alive is being in love with yourself for who you are.  Her mission is to evoke the transformation in you, so you honor and celebrate yourself for who you are! [email protected] comealivewithmeher