We have all heard this profound saying. It really sounds contradictory. If we think logically, say you have two apples, if you give away one, you are left with just one apple with you. It means if you give, you are left with less than what you had earlier. As a child, I was told about sharing, giving and helping others and how doing so will help me grow as an individual. With my logical mindset, I didn’t quite understand what it meant then. 

So as a kid, if I really worked hard on a particular project or notes, I was very reluctant to share it with my classmates. Continuing my previous example, if the other person has what he has, that is two apples, and if I give one apple out of the two I had, then he will have three apples and I will be left with only one. So obviously, my classmate will do better than me, if I give. Hence, I didn’t like sharing and it made me feel really uncomfortable losing what I had. 

Being selfless and giving without any expectation of getting anything in return is not easy.  Gradually as I aged, I observed that a lot of people who were actually contributing to society and doing good for people felt quite content. I say this because I met a few of them and saw how happy they were. 

It made me question the logical mindset that I had, maybe the happiness of giving is beyond the normal math we do by subtracting what we had and adding that to someone else’s bucket. It was then that I noticed, whether it was sharing knowledge or giving food to those in need, the level of happiness and contentment I felt was beyond happiness I felt with materialistic things in life. I realised that the contentment you feel after sharing is much more than the unrest of holding back what you have, whether it is your notes, time, money or even ideas. 

Later another question came to my mind, what all can I give? What if I don’t have enough to give? And how can I make a difference to the lives of others if I don’t have enough to spare? Then I realised, it’s not about how much you can give, but whether you have the intent to give. It’s your intent and your attitude of giving that can make a difference in the life of others. All you need to do is take a small step towards this intent of giving, even by bringing a smile to someone’s face will make you feel happy. You will forget about what you have given if you notice how your small act has benefited the other person. 

This experience and feeling will make you more prosperous. By prosperous, I don’t mean that you will start seeing profits in your business or someday after all the good that you have done, society will take care of your factory and it will automatically function well.  I mean you will grow to become a better human being if you contribute whatever little you have to do good for someone else.  

Giving doesn’t just mean money, it can be happiness, sharing your thoughts/ideas, food or whatever you feel you can give to help others. You never know how your gesture or intent of giving can make a huge impact on society and the country. A perfect example which I can recall here is of my Alma Mater Banaras Hindu University (BHU), which was founded by Pt Madan Mohan Malaviya. When he started this university, he didn’t have much money, all he had was the intent to make society better by educating more and more people. This intent has made BHU one of the prestigious universities where it ranks third amongst the top universities in our country and is one of the best in the world. 

So it doesn’t matter what you have, take the first step and you will be surprised how much you can prosper and the difference it can make to your quality of life and to others. 

Whether you are offering emotional support to your friend, volunteering with an organisation for a good cause or donating money or food, selfless caring acts are beyond what you can give anyone. One of the biggest advantages of giving is that it makes you feel good about yourself and fills you with positivity with the way you can make a difference in the life of others. It not just helps create a positive environment around you, but also brings in a greater sense of personal satisfaction and growth. 

As Winston Churchill once said, “We make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give.” Giving helps you stay positive and look at the brighter side. Our life is all about the contribution we make in the life of others and the difference we make in society. That’s how we will be remembered, by the legacy we leave behind with the way we bring happiness around us. So let’s use this gift of giving, spread happiness around us and do whatever bit we can to make a difference in the life of others.


  • Tapan Singhel

    MD & CEO

    Bajaj Allianz General Insurance

    Tapan Singhel has a rich experience in the insurance industry of more than 30 years. He has been with Bajaj Allianz General Insurance for over 20 years and is the Company’s MD & CEO for close to 10 years. He also chairs the CII National Committee on Insurance and Pensions. He has been the President of Indo-German Chamber of Commerce and is now a board member. Under his leadership, the company has emerged as one of the largest and the most profitable private general insurer in the country ensuring growth, profitability and customer-centricity. In Mr. Singhel’s decade long stint as the MD & CEO, the Company has achieved a cumulative underwriting profit of more than ₹ 350 crore, grew its revenue at a CAGR of 16 %, grew its net profit (PAT) at a CAGR of more than 30% with a double growth in solvency ratio from 156% to close to 350%. Customer obsession and passion to do good for the people are what drives Tapan and his success in the industry. A scientist by education, but insurer at heart he works towards making a difference in the lives of people in whatever little way he can. Tapan has not only transformed the company, but has also been a trendsetter in the insurance industry by always taking the first leap towards innovating to enhance the customer service standards. Under his able leadership, Bajaj Allianz General Insurance has transformed the distribution of insurance by being the first company in the country to start Bancassurance. He also envisaged and implemented, Virtual Sales Office, which is a 100% digital office. Addressing customer worries is what drives him to ideate and implement innovative products and services. For instance, settling motor claims in a matter of minutes with the help of Motor OTS, taking care of new-age cyber risk through Bajaj Allianz Individual Cyber Safe Policy, industry’s first Pet Dog Insurance policy and introduction of Health Infinity, a health insurance policy with unlimited sum insured. His leadership has been recognized across the globe. He was honoured as the 'Personality of the Year' at Quantic’s BFSI Excellence Awards 2021, India Insurance Summit & Awards 2019, 22nd Asia Insurance Industry Awards 2018 and Indian Insurance Summit 2017. He was also awarded the title of Best CEO at Insurance Asia Awards and was recognized as the Most Promising Business Leaders of Asia 2018 by The Economic Times. By always imbibing the principle of empathy towards customers and employees, he has been instrumental in the organisation being recognised on various forums. To name a few, Best Digital Insurer in Asia for IDC Financial Insights Innovation Awards 2021, Non-Life Insurer Provider of the Year by Outlook Money Awards 2020, Best Motor Insurance Provider of the Year at the prestigious Business Today-Money Today Financial Services Awards 2021. The Company has also won the coveted Porter Prize award under the category of Creating Distinct Value in 2019. Tapan is known for his ‘Communicative Leadership’ style, where he believes in engaging regularly with employees and customers through social media.