Businesses all over the world have become increasingly fast-paced, competitive and innovative. With large demand for corporates and workfare in businesses, especially in India, which has seen a boost in the last few years, teamwork has become one of the most important aspects of the day to day activities in any workplace. All businesses, whether big or small, rely on successful teamwork to reach company goals and objectives.

At the same time, today, fitness and exercise have become an integral part of a person’s lifestyle and overall well-being. People have become increasingly conscious of their physical and mental well-being and more so than ever, people are intentionally investing in their personal health and fitness.

Thus, teamwork and exercise play some of the most vital roles in the smooth running of operations in a business and contributes to their annual overall growth. But, given the hectic schedule and work pressure, it is often seen that these two elements go missing. A person is so burdened with work that there is no time to exercise, engage in group discussions and the scope of teamwork is generally restricted to one’s immediate two-three colleagues.

There is, I believe, a need to educate and encourage more participation in employee fitness, team building and well-being events, workshops and activities. One such example is the Bloomberg Square Mile Relay, which came to Mumbai for its inaugural race on March 15 having started as a pioneering project created in London, England in 2007.

Companies enter teams of 10 employees who all run a race in a unique relay format together, as well as enjoy food, drink and music to celebrate together after. With hundreds of companies participating across 12 cities in 10 different countries in the global race series, the event gets the corporate world moving, educated on the importance of physical activity and implementing team-building through exercise. Teamwork and fitness is important in an organisation because it provides employees with an opportunity to bond with one another, which improves relations among them. Workers who constitute a team working on a project often feel valued upon the successful completion of such tasks as they work together and lead a healthy life.

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  • James Hassett

    Managing Director, Square Mile Sport

    James has been driving the global expansion of the Bloomberg Square Mile Relay over the last six years from a London-only event into a 12-race global series including, Singapore, Hong Kong, Shanghai, Dubai, Sydney, New York, San Francisco, Tokyo, Sao Paulo Mumbai and Paris. An immersive team-building and participation series engaging over 10,000 runners from over 600 of the world’s largest financial organisations each year, James has grown a London-based team to oversee and manage the global race series’ exponential growth. James previously spent four years working for Sodexo on Rugby World Cup 2007 and the London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games as Marketing & Brand Manager, as well as 2.5 years’ as Marketing & Talent Manager at Benchmark Sport, six months in sport PR at Shine Communications and a year in Reebok’s European Sports Marketing Team. James’ core competencies and experience include Marketing, Branding, Talent Management, Team Leadership, Event Management, International Operations and Client Services.