There’s a boom of yoga webinars, how-to-save-yourself videos by life coaches, how to discover that moment-of-transformation by spiritual gurus. The words #astrology #astrologyandcoronavirus and #prayer have boomed in searches during March and April 2020. Spiritual bloggers on Instagram are teaching people how to make their own organic santisters, flower-based aroma oils and prayer beads. 

People are doing Reiki and Chakra healing on their laptops in webinars. Meditations online are bringing people peace. Spiritualists, astrologers, life coaches and psychics are in great business in a pandemic giving soul soothing recipes. Spiritual practises that weren’t even heard of till sometime back are being revived—from sound healing, breathwork, essential oils almost everything is being used to calm the self. 

Globally, astrologers like Susan Miller and Jessica Lanyadoo, are trying to decode the virus. Why are people seeking astrologers and psychics in the middle of a pandemic when the world is standing still? Says astrologer and life coach Namita Vadehra, “People are staring at a human crisis, they want to do things that give them hope. Hope along with dates and timelines. Since this coronavirus came, my phone hasn’t stopped buzzing. Astrology is just about looking beyond the dark clouds. Modern day astrologers are like life coaches and psychologists, we are just calming people’s nerves. People are just googling astrology-related answers for all their worries. Everyone wants to be reassured that things will become better soon.”

The business of modern spirituality has managed to retain its success and visibility in these trying times, it also underlines the emotional desperation of people. From  aromatherapy oils and candles, crystals, astrology and psychology books, tarot cards—people are willing to do anything to feel better. Says Dubai based life coach and astrologer Sandeep Bhargava, “Everyone wants to learn the tools to handle this crisis better, they want to create a template to get out with least amount of losses and damage.Healers know about these tools, and can help them feel more stable and connected.” To be able to master clear-headed thinking in these chaotic times is most challenging, inner peace is coming from modern mystic spiritual healers. 

Everyone’s lives are looking different these days, feelings are unsettling. What everyone is looking for is comfort and hope in isolated times. Some experts suggest: start watching the movie of your life. It’s about having a quiet inner ability to watch ourselves and really pay attention to how we’re living day to day during this pandemic. Think of your life right now as a movie and you as the hero or heroine of this tale. 

For some others, it’s about getting peace from online meditation, crystal healing, emotional management and herb magic. Different things are working for people, the winner will be what takes people till the end of the tunnel—whether its baking bread or burning candles, mindful praying or healing, people are personalising their spirituality like never before. And making sure it makes them resilient. Here are some spiritual strategies in a pandemic: 

Journal: Lama Surya Das believes in Chronicling Your Losses. Every loss—and people are experiencing many of them these days—leaves us with feelings that need to be processed. 

Reduce Attachments: Simplify our lives which in the spiritual circles is all about reducing attachments. 

Pray: In the morning or before going to bed. Whenever your heart sinks—reach out to God. Write a note. Or say a silent prayer. 

Reach Out: Send some flowers to your neighbours. Drop in some sweets. Kindness is always returned. 

Feed the Hungry: It’s summer, feed the birds some water. If you find someone in need, please be kind and feed the hungry. These are challenging times. 

Be Grateful: There is always something for which to be grateful. Gratitude gives us perspective.