COVID 19 is spreading aggressively and staying in and working from home have become normal for many of us. The closure of schools, colleges, and travel destinations has created a massive wave of monotony in our lives. Staying at home might appear tedious, but actually it is not. 

Yes, this is my experience. Though initially, the days were not very exciting, slowly I realised how this can be turned into a positive experience. 

Here are some suggestions from my experience. 

Cook to kill time

Cooking is the best thing you can do at home so cook delicious recipes for yourself and for the family. When you eat right, you remain happy. Besides, cooking will keep you happily busy. Hope you find the hidden chef within to make the most of quarantine. 

Walk down memory lane

Staying at home is not a punishment. It is a beautiful opportunity. All you have to do is change your mindset. You are with your loved ones, and how can that be bad? 

This is the best time to sit with family and enjoy quality time. Catch up with your friends and revisit old times. Watch old family videos of occasions such as weddings, birthdays, house warming ceremonies. It will generate positivity and show how you value your family. Look at old photographs and replay the past. Do everything that creates happy vibes inside you. 


Busy schedules spare no room for catching up on healthy activities. The present time is the best period to build on destressing activities. Meditate and relax; these are the best activities to generate positive vibes. Physical exercises create a balance between spiritual, mental and physical health. Meditation promotes tranquillity and peace besides making you agile, fitter and happier. Meditation also aids you to fight back stress, tension and anxiety. 

Develop new habits

Don’t waste all your time binge-watching. The prolonged usage of digital devices is dangerous for your health. This is why you must follow a healthy routine. 

You can kill time by building new and productive habits. Reading and writing are the most beautiful things to do in quarantine. It will integrate essential values in your mind. A happy human being possesses the calibre to fight well with tough times. 

Nurture hobbies

Get back to some old fashioned writing. You can try your hand at writing journals to begin with, and perhaps pen that book that has been lying within you since long. Photo by Hannah Olinger/ Unsplash

Amid the pressure of work and stress of a busy life, there is hardly any time to pursue hobbies. If you are interested in artistic activities, then this is the time to bring out the sketchpad. If you love to write, go pen down your feelings. In short, do more of what makes you comfortable and happy. 

The times are tough, but by being courageous, we shall get through this. Remember,  bad phases don’t last for a long time. Staying home is not a punishment; in fact, it is a privilege.