I have always been inspired by Ganesha. Even as a small boy, I learnt something from him. I have also always been fascinated by what makes some people successful, while others keep struggling and are unable to achieve their goals and dreams.

Here are six lessons we can learn from Ganesha. Once you start practising these, you will see a drastic change in your life.

  • Think Big

Ganesha has a very big head. This teaches us the importance of thinking big in life. No matter what you are doing, what your current situation in life is—once you start thinking big, you will be able to start acting big. This in turn will learn to bigger and better results.

  • Stay Focussed

Ganesha’s eyes are very small and focused. This teaches us to focus on our goal and not get distracted. Focus on what you want in life, and pursue it by taking continuous action and you will surely achieve it. Our energy gets magnified and multiplied, once we have a definite goal and focus on it sharply.

  • Listen More

Ganesha’s has two very big ears. This teaches us to listen more. The more we listen, the more we learn. By listening to positive things, we can learn and grow more. Irrespective of whether you are a professional, running a business or just want to improve your relationships, make a decision to listen more.

Start listening to your customers, colleagues, spouse, children and loved ones. You will see massive improvements.

  • Speak Less and Make it Relevant

Ganesha’s mouth is very small. He has two ears, but only one mouth. This teaches us we should speak less and speak only what is relevant. Avoid speaking about things that don’t add value to life.

Decide just for a day to speak about what is positive and enriching. You will immediately see the difference. Now, try doing this every single day till it becomes a habit.

  • Be Strong, Yet Flexible

Ganesha’s trunk is very strong, yet flexible. We too need to be very strong in life, but at the same time need to be flexible. We will be faced with situations, where we need to make adjustments and be considerate of the other individual. The more flexible we are, the easier we can handle situations and succeed.

  • Accept the Good and Reject the Bad

Ganesha has two tusks, one of them is complete, while the other is broken. This teaches us that in life there is good and bad. Every day, we will be faced with the good and the bad. It is completely in our control to accept the good and reject the bad.

The more good we accept, the more gratitude we will have. The more gratitude we have, the healthier and happier we will feel. This eventually boosts our productivity and leads to better results and success in every field, personal, professional, material and spiritual.

Next time, you see an image of Ganesha, do remember these teachings. Stay happy!


  • Yogesh Chabria

    Motivational speaker, author, entrepreneur

    Yogesh Chabria is one of India’s well-known motivational speakers, bestselling author, successful entrepreneur, investor and founder of The Happionaire® Way. Ever since a young age, Yogesh has been inspiring, motivating and training people from all walks of life to unleash their true potential and realise their goals.