The world has undergone change at a societal level and on account of changes in the way expectations on relationships are affecting families. As per a statistics, almost 30 per cent of relationships are heading towards splitsville.

How does one then plan for a life alone financially?

1. Define your financial goals

 Many a time, the mindset is: “What/who am I setting the financial goal for?” The answer is you. If you are financially sound only then can you help others.

It starts with goal-based thinking. It can be created on the “GOAL” Approach.

G: Generate a wish list

O: Organise resources

A: Allocate in order of importance

L: Learn from mistakes and correct them

2. Create a pool for emergency expenses

It helps to create a pool for emergency expenses to weather the ups and downs in the fast changing world of today. This is relevant for both self-employed as well as professionals. Apart from this, a medical insurance is a must to avoid depletion of precious savings.

3. Invest in yourself

Are you in the top one per cent of your field? If not then what is your plan?

Tony Robbins the world renowned author and coach, recommends that one need not reinvent the wheel. One can look at what has worked for others who have strived to go up the ladder or have created their ladder and avoid their mistakes.

It could be academic, it could be development of leadership skills, volunteering for an association. It is about what is relevant for professional/personal growth.

4. Create a fun plan

It is important to be prepared financially. It helps to allocate savings prudently. One person we know had to enhance their savings rate, she did it to her credit .To ensure she stays on track we helped her with a “fun plan”—a plan to spend on travel and things she likes. That helped to sustain her focus and more importantly achieve her goals.

One of our other clients planned a trip to Everest Base camp using our inputs.

5. Write a will

It is important to write a will for one’s assets to be transferred. This is as applicable to people in the mid-thirties as well as a higher age as life is unpredictable. As long as we are financially in shape, the journey becomes easier.


  • Anirudh Gupta is the CEO and Principal Adviser of Ashiana Financial Services, a wealth management firm based out of Mumbai and a certified corporate director from the Institute of Directors. He is an MMS Finance from Mumbai University and has worked with reputed Indian and international banks such as HDFC Bank, Bank Muscat, Barclays Bank and DBS Bank Ltd over the last 14 years. He is among the top 10 writers in finance on Quora in India on personal finance and has written articles in Business world, Entrepreneur India and is an SME Expert on Jetlinker. 100 articles have been written on LinkedIn pertaining to financial markets, wealth management and entrepreneurship attitudes over the last couple of years by him. He is passionate about adding value to the entrepreneurial ecosystems and has made presentations at BNP Cafe, on “Discover your entrepreneurial dna” basis international research.