It is an irrefutable truth that people cannot become successful all by themselves. No matter what field you are in, success is always an outcome of your hard work as well as the support and efforts of those around you. 

Behind any successful person, there are always many other unsung heroes who contribute in their myriad ways towards it. Take a look at any successful leader or businessman, and you will find how the success credited to that person is an outcome of the collective efforts of all those working around him. Hence, it is very important to never forget your beginnings. The best leaders are those who always respect their subordinates and all the support workers who help them achieve their goals. For a businessman, it could be the chauffeur or the cook, for a filmstar it could be the stylist, and for a sportsperson, it could be the masseur or trainer. 

It is important to ensure continuation of your effort. Irrespective of how slow the pace is or how difficult the path might be, forward momentum is what eventually gets one through. There are times when you will be completely exhausted, de-spirited and even contemplate turning back. However, what you must remember is that the desired success might just be around the next bend of the road. 

Imagine you are ascending the peak for which you had planned for many years. You keep climbing for hours and fatigue sets in; your body might protest and not move any further. However, you keep telling yourself, “Walk since you can’t run. Crawl if you can’t walk, but do not stop.” After a few minutes of intense conflict, you suddenly find yourself on a flat spot: the summit. Could you have conquered the peak if you had given in to fatigue, barely minutes short of the pinnacle? That’s how it is with life. The key is to keep trying, pushing the limits, and trusting the elements/your support team to help you get through

Another major secret behind a person’s long-term success is the putting together of a winning team, and then placing their faith in that team. Doing good to people, caring for them as you climb the ladders of success, and trusting them to do good are qualities that separate winners from whiners. 

You must also always count your blessings and express gratitude for what you have! Blessings of elders, random people to whom you do good, and the blessings of almighty can help you tide over any situation! 

Last but not the least, the most important enabler of success is having belief in the strength of people who work for you or are on a lower pedestal to you on life’s parameters. You must always selflessly endeavour to support them through their tough times and success will forever be yours.


  • Vineet Handa


    Kaizzen; Ofactor Communications, Craftsman Solutions; Rice Against Hunger India

    Vineet Handa, started his entrepreneurial journey as the founder of Kaizzen in the year 2008, with the aim of bringing a new dimension to the communications realm, thereby providing value to companies through this function.  He brings with him a vast and multifaceted experience and relationships in the areas of financial services,  lifestyle, Retail, IT, Healthcare, Energy, Trade,  Real Estate Sustainable Development and Research to ignite the passion of continuous improvement in Kaizzen team.   His penchant for entrepreneurship struck once again in the year 2009 when he founded another successful company specializing in experiential marketing and events management in the name of Craftsman Solutions Pvt Ltd. The year 2017 marked yet another venture with his investments in a young, emerging advertising firm OFactor Communications.  With the learning’s from these three successful ventures and decades of experience in the field of Communications, he took lead in a study project with EY (A leading consulting firm) on Sports development and its impact on livelihood in North Eastern Indian states.   A career with over 20 years of journey in Public Relations, Brand Communication and Outreach had started with a tenure at ABCL way back in 1997.Before the formation of Kaizzen, Vineet served a two years term as Associate Director, TERI “The Energy and Resources Institute” Delhi, and held various senior positions at Genesis Burson Marsteller and CMCG - two of India’s leading communications companies.  At the age of 45, Vineet brings a rich experience in public relations, operations, investments and business development with a vast experience in management.  At various stages of his career, Vineet has projected great responsibility and expertise in handling prestigious relationships and projects for various companies.   As part of his long-term career Vineet has handled various high profile relationships. Apart from strong delivery capabilities and strategic inputs he has handled visits of various state heads, over the years he has mastered in managing the communications during crisis and has been fortunate to be part of India’s biggest corporate crisis in recent past.  A rewarding career as it has been, Vineet has been honored as top 100 PR professional of India. Under his able leadership, Kaizzen has won many awards over past few years.  A science graduate with a post graduation in International Business and Business Management, Vineet is the complete package of Marketing prowess, dynamic personality and a poised, confident attitude that makes for an efficient leader.