We are all aware that inclusion and diversity in the working environment, especially in the corporate world, is very important. But are we all aware it is more important to the world than to the women themselves? There is no doubt that diversity and inclusion are bound to enhance the process, systems and mechanisms in an organisation. However, more important is that the diverse individuals need to feel included, meaning they should experience a sense of belonging to be optimally productive and effective.

If one has to feel included, it is very essential that the realisation of the individual’s needs takes place. Of equal importance is their uniqueness too, though both need to be prioritised.  Every woman is unique in her own way and brings her unique strength to the table. Imagine the positive and progressive impact such a group of diverse individuals, each unique in her own way, will have when the group is focused on, and committed to, a common objective.  

Moreover, the support and contribution coming out from each one in the group will be so huge and unimaginable and what the collaborative efforts will churn will be nothing less than nectar.  However, extreme care has to be taken to avoid any sort of discrimination in a group, as this might have an immediate, direct, undesired, and long-term effect on the desired outcomes. Individuals can even be subjected to health issues, depression, uncertainties, sense of inability, emotional drain and may cause immense harm and behavioural changes that may have an adverse impact on performance.

Diversity and inclusion go hand in hand. Women deserve the desired opportunities to diversify and play significant roles to ensure quality, especially in leadership or decision making roles. Inclusion should not give any room to a situation reminding of exclusion as it will directly affect their morale.  It is important to always remember emotional needs and recognise how special each woman is.

When women are picked for top management positions, they receive adequate empowerment too. For them, accountability or responsibility is never an issue. At the same time, one has to be watchful, lest they move on to take up more challenging and lucrative positions as they are always in demand due to skills and talent. With evolving global opportunities, women are open to more diversity and their inclusion is also rapidly increasing in all fields/professions. They have not only made great inroads, but have also made a significant mark in every area one can imagine.

Having tasted success and with their immense potential, women seldom are content with whatever they have achieved or wherever they have reached till now.  They are a classic example of a group in hot pursuit of excellence as well as their true and unlimited potential.

It is no surprise that the Supreme Court of India has come up with a long awaited historic judgement in granting permanent commission to female officers in the Indian Navy, especially in the month of International Women’s Day.  In the process, it also reaffirmed that women are capable of sailing as efficiently as men and should be treated equally in the armed forces. With this, they have conveyed in no certain terms that women are capable of defending the nation in high seas as well and effectively cancelled the earlier policy barring women officers from being granted permanent commission in the Navy.  

What else do we need to spot true diversity and inclusion? This was bound to happen sooner or later with a few women already flying fighter planes of the Indian Air Force.  Women have reached great heights, achieved unimaginable laurels in, be it in business, sports, education, employment, performing arts, science, technology, or literature, to name just a few. 

Today, thanks to their giant strides, we are witness to something truly deserving and unmatchable!


  • Venkat Balantrapu

    Transformational Coach, Insurance Consultant & Trainer, International Career Counsellor & Career Coach, NLP Practitioner & Master Practitioner, Columnist, Motivational Speaker, Singer, and Founder-CEO

    Weave Career (India & Kenya).

    Venkat Balantrapu has held senior management positions in the general insurance industry for over 33 years (14 years in India and almost 20 years in Africa including Kenya, Mauritius, Zambia, Tanzania, Malawi and Uganda). He is an ex-banker and has worked in the private sector as well for 5 years. He is currently the Founder & CEO, WEAVE, (India & Kenya) and a Member – Advisory Board, Paavana Insurance Brokers Limited, India and also represents Service Quality Institute, USA, conducting their customer service excellence certification programs globally. He is a member, Madras Management Association, delivering corporate programs on their behalf. He is an empanelled trainer for Kenyan Institute of Bankers, Nairobi, Kenya. Has prepared training modules for TATA AIG, India and HDFC ERGO General Insurance in India and delivers training programs for them. He is an MBA., B.Com, FLMI, AIII, ARA, and ACS.