This time I am writing about something that I do not do! A few weeks back Thrive Global held their first India Leadership Summit and I spoke on a panel with Vivek Gambhir of Godrej Consumer Products. All the speakers got a surprise gift—a lovely bed to put our mobile phones to sleep at night. It was an exquisitely made double bed with a very comfortable mattress and blanket, and we were told to make sure our mobile phones also got a good rest at night, away from our bedroom.

We need to get our batteries recharged properly at night and so do our mobile phones. Hence these phone beds also have a space to put your charger through so that your phone battery also gets recharged at night. As you may know, Arianna Huffington is a great proponent for sleeping longer at night. 

I used to be someone who thrived on sleeping few hours at night, mainly because there is so much to do in life. Colleagues got used to my 4 am messages. Fiona, my wife, would constantly be worried that I would end up in hospital because I wasn’t sleeping enough. 

One day I found out that if I did not sleep enough at night I would put on weight. That was my aha moment. It wasn’t my bad diet nor my lack of exercise that was leading to my weight gain; it was just my lack of sleep! Hence, I started sleeping longer. Alas, my research had certain flaws. Sleeping longer did not help me lose weight, but I did notice that I put on less weight when I slept longer. 

So, it was back to a better diet (I am now an intermittent faster; having many small meals did not work because I ended with many large meals) and regular exercise… and also sleeping longer at night. And it worked! I lost weight. 

Back to my phone bed. I came back and showed it to my daughter, who thinks I am crazy. I laid it out for the night. And then I forgot to tuck my phone into it before I went to sleep. And I continued to do so every night ever since then, because the habit of reading stuff on my phone at night was too hard to break. But reminders, like the reminder I send to myself as I write this blog, will hopefully get me to finally put my mobile phone to sleep on its own bed, far from mine and both my phone and I will be fully rested in the morning!

Nudges, like Thrive Global’s phone bed, do work and as I write this blog, my iPhone looks longingly at its own bed asking, “Will my stupid owner finally let me get a comfortable rest tonight?”


  • Luis Miranda

    Dot Connector

    Luis Miranda is Chairman of the Centre for Civil Society and CORO. He has been involved in setting up two highly successful companies - HDFC Bank and IDFC Private Equity and is now involved with starting the Indian School of Public Policy.  Luis spends his time, with his wife, connecting dots; using their networks to help the organisations they are connected with. He is also on the board of Educate Girls and co-founded, Take Charge, a mentoring programme for Catholic youth in Mumbai. Luis is also Chairman of ManipalCigna Health Insurance. He is on the Advisory Board of the Rustandy Center for Social Sector Innovation at Chicago Booth. Luis received an MBA from the Booth School of Business at The University of Chicago and is a member of the Institute of Chartered Accountants of India. They have two kids.