We are thrilled to announce that Thrive Global India will have the Sonam K Ahuja touch all of November. The effervescent actor has agreed to become our first guest editor and enhance our media platform in her distinctive style. Her authentic and positive attitude makes her a wonderful role model for the younger generation; for instance, her advocacy of body-positivity and women empowerment.

Her candour is always remarkable, and in an interview with Thrive Global India, Sonam spoke about how she keeps negativity at bay: “To Thrive, I surround myself with satsang (good company) and stay away from negativity. I also keep a healthy routine and make sure I make time for loved ones.”

We are excited to collaborate with her on an array of editorial campaigns through this month. Not only will she make time for you, our readers, for Insta Chats, she will also share the tools and processes that work for her—to make her live her best life. She will also have her own Guest Editor’s Choice section on the website, which will curate her favourite articles and columns.

All this and more, starting November 1. Hope you’re ready to #ThrivewithSonam!


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