From following your passion as your career to reducing the number of meetings, Thrive Global India’s inaugural India Leadership Summit in Mumbai on August 31 had many such insights into the theme ‘How to Achieve your Peak Performance’. 

The day-long summit witnessed engagements with an influential list of speakers, from industrialist Harsh Mariwala (founder Marico) to business leaders Vivek Gambhir (MD and CEO Godrej Consumer Products) and Aditya Ghosh (CEO Oyo), wellness and lifestyle thought leader Sarvesh Shashi (owner of yoga studio chain Sarva), to actor Shilpa Shetty and Ananya Birla (singer and entrepreneur), the eclectic mix of thought leaders held many future forward conversations. The audience comprising CxOs and corporate leaders was forthright in diving into the dialogue and readily taking part in Thrive Masterclass by peak performance coach and Thrive Global facilitator Birender Ahluwalia.

The first session on Body (Well-being) saw Mariwala in conversation with Shashi. “If you love your work, the question of work-life balance will never arise,” stressed the Marico founder and chairman. Shashi added: “I never look at it as work-life balance but instead as work-life harmony.”

The easy banter also led to some interesting work wisdom. Answering a question from Gambhir in the second discussion of the day, focussing on the Mind (Wisdom), Luis Miranda (chairman CORO) revealed, “I block out one and half hours in my schedule for doing nothing every day.” The Godrej top boss underlined the role of a leader in creating a stronger sense of purpose and energising an organisation.

Session three saw Birla take on questions from digital influencer Malini Agarwal aka MissMalini on Heart (Connection). Speaking of the importance of kindness, the singer-entrepreneur agreed it broke barriers as Agarwal suggested approaching “the world with a shield of kindness and empathy”.

Though Piramal could not be present at the summit due to some last minute engagement, he showed the value he placed on commitments by sending in a video message. Engineer-turned-monk Gaur Gopal Das talking on Purpose warned against “conformism” and said: “We are not meant to be mediocre. Don’t be mediocre.”

The last panel of the day saw Shetty, Ghosh, politician Milind Deora, and founder of Magic Bus and Cleartrip Matthew Spacie debate Peak Performance. Speaking out  against the idea of only celebrating success resulting in an epidemic of stress, Deora called for “a culture that embraces failure” too.

There were many such wonderful thoughts that were shared at the summit. We will be bringing you key insights from each of the conversations in the coming days.

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