Sairee Chahal, Founder-CEO, Sheroes

“I begin my mornings by doing basic planks and 30 minutes of yoga at home. On weekends, I stretch that to 90 minutes. I keep yoga mats in office too. I have also developed my own modules of 7 to 10-minute workouts for different parts of the body. For instance, on the days I am taking a flight, I do shoulder exercises, back exercises and the Downward Dog yoga pose. I’ve given up on all forms of shoes and only wear sneakers to work. They keep me more agile in office. For instance, I walk while making phone calls and sometimes, walk in the meetings too. This way, I’ve achieved my step count without stepping out of the office.” 

Chaitanya MRSK, Founder and CEO, Teach for Change

“I am a Jivamukti and Ashtanga yoga student and practise it daily. The routine includes pranayama, vinyasa krama, chanting and asana practice. This morning routine helps me face the day, which can be quite hectic with site visits, meetings with government officials and volunteers. I have a fitness tracker which constantly reminds me to stand and relax for a while or to breathe through the long day. I take the stairs most of the time and also ensure I drink a lot of water; it helps me stay grounded and balanced.”

Dildeep Kalra, Director, Massive Restaurants Pvt Ltd

“I believe it’s not just a gym workout that can keep you fit. Walking is a great way to stay fit. Being a hands-on mother, I end up running errands for my kids and that mainly my cardio for the day. I travel for work twice a month and walk a lot when I’m travelling. I cycle and swim regularly. I also believe that eating right can increase brainpower and overall productivity regardless of exercise. So, I keep myself hydrated through the day, stick to a low-carb diet and avoid junk food.”

Ajay K Bakaya, Managing Director, Sarovar Hotels and Resorts

“I rise at 4 am every day, with rare exceptions. My goal of fitness, of body and mind, is to ultimately be one with the Universe and its energy. My daily routine combines concentrative Kundalini meditation practice with yoga and workout in the gym. I love cycling and devote my weekends and holidays to it. I cycle anywhere from 50 to 100-plus kilometres. It’s exhilarating to feel the wind against my face.”

Aditi Gupta, Managing Partner, Menstrupedia

“I live in Ahmedabad and there’s a campus of an institute covered with greenery that resembles a jungle. So, before my pregnancy [my son was born eight months ago], my husband and Menstrupedia co-founder Tuhin and I would go on a morning walk daily. This activity defined our day because being surrounded by nature helps you gain clarity of thought, improve your focus and increases productivity levels. A keystone habit like this also improves other habits – we would sleep on time, wake up early and became more aware about consuming fresh food. After childbirth, I can’t go for a morning walk because it’s my time with the baby. So, I make time in the evening after office hours to go for a run. We also go swimming together. Setting a fitness routine with your partner or your family helps you stick to it better.”

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