Now, we’re over six weeks into the quarantine. Even more for many other countries. As we all understand and are going through it, there’s a massive amount of change that we’ve all been experiencing and are adapting to (some have and some are still.) 

While we’re all adjusting and adapting to the inevitable, it raises a very critical question in my mind: 

“Will We Change?” 

Not just today, yesterday or a month before; but since the existence of life in itself, there’s one common problem that the world has seen with the people who are living in it, which is: 

Resistance to change

Let’s face it. The biggest reason why most of us never go ahead in our lives is because we make the common mistake of resisting the change which comes along while sticking with our old fashioned methods which we were “SURE” worked back in our time or some time ago. 

We’re all very change-averse mainly because of two reasons: 

1. Starting anew: Feeling that all our past learning has gone waste and 

2. Reluctance to move out of our comfort zone 

In a world wrapped in technology, “Change” is the only constant. It’s ironic, but that’s how it is. 

Yet, most of us still struggle and battle with our ignorance towards change in our life and being able to successfully adapt to circumstances/ situations in life. 

But, lucky for us; We haven’t seen a global pandemic like this before either. 

Now, It’s believed that a shift in behaviour can only be made through a shift in perception towards things; and perception is shifted mainly through a spark of thought/ experiences. 

Experiences are the most powerful and long standing way to alter one’s perception. 

So what do I mean to say so far with this? 

Before I answer, let me take you through a mental trip. Close your eyes and think of what I’m asking you to; after reading what is below: 

In this point in the pandemic, think about all the things that you panicked about at the start of the quarantine; all of what you thought could go wrong, all the negative things that you perceived would happen once change drastically got imposed over you. 

Once done, now think about all the silver linings and positives you found as you proceeded into the quarantine. All the positive balance it was actually helping you restore. 

I’m sure you could think of these too. And that’s my point. 

The purpose of making you do this is to help you understand how the “Law of Change” works in your daily life. The one pattern you should truly focus on is changing. 

At first, when you look at change and decide to flow with it, a rush of negativity flows through you and completely pushes you off your comfort area and puts you in the “risk zone”. 

But what this pandemic has taught me is purely the beauty and the right essence of being in a flow state and acceptance of the change. When we stop panicking over change and start looking at all the mid-term and long-term benefits of it and stick through it long enough; we will reap all the benefits. 

You, my friend, are the living example of living through the change and working on reaping the benefits that came along with it; even when it was mentally uncomfortable. You saw that amid the concerns and worries, most of what you worried about isn’t your reality today but your reality is on how well you’ve flown through the change. Living through change and making it a point to make the best out of it has become your “New normal” for now. 

Being your own best testimonial and having “hands-on” experience with battling and making the best of the change; I want to ask you a question today: “Are you willing to drop your fear of change altogether and create the new normal that humanity deserves?” 


  • Akshay Taleda

    Emotional Intelligence Expert | Life-Transformation Coach

    Akshay has worked with several millennials and Gen-X helping them discover & Unleash their potential. He is a former Model, event manager, and worked for platforms like TEDx until he identified his true desire to make an impact in people's life and transitioned into the field of Training & Coaching. His mission in life to transform the lives of millions and touch the lives of a billion people through his seminars & writing.  He aims to change the narrative about intelligence and build an emotionally intelligent society that will transform the way world functions.