Embracing your inner goddess isn’t easy. It’s about celebrating your ‘unbrokenness’ despite challenges. Everyone has goddess energy within them. You embrace the goddess energy when you accept your strength as a personal gift. 

In India, the countdown to Durga Puja has begun. We celebrate the strength of the goddess. The world’s most powerful CEOs have found power when they tapped into their goddess energy.

Feminine energy taps into inner strength in the harshest of times. Powerful women have stayed strong and resilient by looking inwards. They have been unbeatable because they combined their resilience with integrity and power. They weren’t afraid to shine in  their own light. 

Says Aditi Balbir, CEO of V Resorts and travel entrepreneur, “I try to bring out my inner diva, I take a lot of risks, chances, keep trying something new, love working on myself. I get myself clicked, use DIY beauty secrets to expensive products, visit a dermatologist and trichologist. I have my inner circle of friends who validate, critique me, they make me feel alive and sexy. Invoking the inner goddess has been a work of years where I worked on myself, my career and my style.” 

Yoga instructor and Reiki practitioner Nicole Markardt once said in her blog, “Embracing our inner goddess allows for the expansion of the collective female experience.” 

Just like the Goddess Durga, stand strong against wrong. Photo by Sukanya Basu/ Unsplash

This has been a particularly challenging year — the rollercoaster of life cycle has been jerky and dramatic. It has hit women hard, we must build ourselves up stronger and more resilient. We must seize the power for ourselves. We let go of our power  throughout the day — by not standing up for ourselves, not taking initiative — and losing opportunities. Says jewellery designer Pallavi Foley, “To me invoking the inner goddess means awakening of oneself at various levels, then working at brightening and elevating it. A reminder that we are a part of the source, knowing ourselves makes us powerful.I connect with my inner goddess energy while sketching my designs. Just like art, I also never tone down my true self, I celebrate myself, and I find power in that is magnanimous. Each one of us has our own unique fire and being brutally honest version of who we really are is a fierce way to invoke and illuminate that fire. Freeing myself of all inhibitions and achieving a state of creative freedom is my way of invoking the goddess in me.” 

Interestingly, in Chennai there’s an Inner Goddess Academy (IGA) that can help you break out and re-discover yourself. There are books, life coaches, Inner Goddess coaches with manuals to help you get an inner Goddess makeover.

Here are some key characteristics to awaken your inner goddess:

Self-assurance: You should always self-assure yourself with confidence. Self-assurance is another way of saying that we are confident and centered. Have a great sense of optimism in darkest times.

Celebrate your unbrokenness: You can be whole and strong despite your challenges. Celebrate your unbrokenness daily. Reassure yourself it’s okay not to have a breakdown. Don’t hide your shine. Be self-reliant. Don’t look outwards for anyone to come and help or save you. Never be the victim or ask for any sympathy.

Be invincible: You are a cosmic warrior. Be the force within. Don’t try to fit into patriarchal rules. Stand strong against wrong. With inner strength you can bring about dramatic breakthroughs. Your inner Goddess needs to be Loved. Hugged. Nurtured. Accepted. Unleashed. Expressed. Appreciated. Find your unique feminine expression.To practise awakening your Shakti, practise bringing your attention to your body and to your world. Now visualise that everything in your awareness — everything you see, feel, sense, both inside and out — is made up of the goddess energy. Stay away from drama you can do without.

Connect with divine energy: Instantly connect with your inner goddess by grounding or walking in nature. This will help you become strong and grounded. This time of the year, you can feel shifts in your emotional patterns, invoking the inner goddess means being the driver of change. Invoking inner energies is a way to invoke your dormant powers, which are infinitely creative, surprising. Balance your Doshas and try some Kundalini yoga.

Know your boundaries: You will feel depleted if you allow negative and toxic energy near you. Forget trying to please people. Release anything toxic.

Bring sacredness to your life: Small rituals empower you, they bring sacredness into your life. A Goddess resides in inner sanctuaries. Invite blessings into your life with micro rituals — create a meditation altar, light a candle, burn incense, play music. If you take care of the clutter in your space and create a supportive environment,  you will be the happiest.


  • Nona Walia, is a successful Journalist & Writer. Motivational Expert, passionate in helping people live their best life. Wellness Warrior. Wellness Blogger, has done certified online course Science of Well-Being from Yale University. Runs her Wellness Channel on Youtube. Worked with Times of India for 24 years as Senior Assistant Editor.