What we call ‘inner peace’ is something that nourishes the way we think and the way we approach our daily moments. Everything starts with what and how we are thinking. In today’s dynamic world, with so many types and forms of communication influencing our lives, clarity of thought becomes a challenge.

Based on my experiences, I am sharing what I’d like to call my HIGH FIVE, or the five core principles that have helped me to move deeper towards inner peace. These may be easier said than done, but inner peace is not a destination—it is a constant journey.

Nourish your thoughts

From childhood, until a certain age, our parents take care of us. They nourish us. But after a point, we are expected to take charge of our lives, be accountable for our choices and actions, and are expected to face and solve our challenges. A few years ago, when going through a major crisis in my life, I had just two thoughts: why is this happening, and what is in my capacity to solve it? I then observed that I was not focusing on nourishing my thoughts, my way of thinking, and how to strengthen my actions. When a plant becomes a tree, it takes care of itself, and it also bears fruit. The good part here is that we as human beings can still ask for help. Plants or trees can’t even do that. Such is our mind; it needs to face different situations to become aware of the best-possible response to a stimulus.

Carve out some ‘do nothing’ time

Right from the start of the day, we are thinking about something or the other, with the objective of accomplishing something. To include ‘nothing’ time, be it even 15 minutes daily, is very important. This is not to be spent sleeping; it is time you consciously spend with yourself. You could meditate, read a book, or just have a cup of tea with complete attention in that moment with yourself. It is like a quick ‘fasting’ of the mind to cleanse it. This is also the time when you can listen to the sounds you do not listen to through the day. I believe even silence has a sound!

Do not be a slave to time

One thing I keep stating is that time is the mother of all metrics. It is all about how we utilise the 24 hours we’ve been given. If you see yourself constantly running against time, there is something that needs to be fixed. And that fixing can only be done by you. This one is as easy as it sounds: getting more organised in thoughts, actions and routine. Some people say it takes a lot of effort, but I beg to differ. It just needs a ‘wake-up’ call within you. Being a master of your time will help you get closer to your inner peace.

Get fitter than you are today

If your body and mind are in complete tandem, you will feel invincible and have clarity of thought. Like the mind needs nourishment, so does the body. The human body is perhaps the best possible machinery on Earth, so spend some time daily on strengthening it.

Know whom to confide in

There will be someone who will not judge you at all. Hold on to that friend. In this hustle-bustle of life, that will be at least one person who will understand you for being you and tell you your options while allowing you that comfort zone to make your own choice and not question you for it.

Our chromosomes carry our genes. And each gene is a fraction of a DNA strand. To correlate, what we think forms the gene, and our inner peace is the chromosome. So, being the peace is more important than finding it.

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  • Ankoor Dasguupta

    Learner, thought leader and coach

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