A new step was taken this Women’s Day to spread the message of addressing inequality in the household. Thrive Global India is partnering with P&G to amplify Ariel’s award-winning campaign #ShareTheLoad—a movement that reiterates the need for both men and women to have an equal responsibility in performing household chores like doing the laundry.

Thrive Global’s Founder and CEO, Arianna Huffington said, “With #ShareTheLoad, we hope to empower couples to support each other and unlock their greatest potential in both their personal and professional lives by rejecting the unreasonable societal expectations of women that lead to stress and burnout.”

Speaking of the campaign, Sonali Dhawan, Marketing Director, P&G India and Fabric Care Head said, “Ariel India is committed towards progressing the lives of women across the country, because women are the backbone of our society. We started #ShareTheLoad movement in India back in 2015 to address the inequality that exists within Indian households. This year, we reignite conversations with the same intent, and go deeper into the cause of this disparity.”

The initiative encourages men and women to equally divide the chores at home. It compliments the aim of International Women’s Day 2019 of creating a gender-balanced world, popularised as #balanceforbetter.

It is also a perfect fit for Thrive Global India’s mission to end the stress and burnout epidemic in India, where women are expected to manage both home and office work, which can lead to increased anxiety, stress and burnout.

Talking of the partnership, Huffington added, “Thrive and P&G’s Ariel are united in our mission to add value to consumers’ lives, and I’m thrilled to extend the work we’ve done with P&G brands into India, which has long held a special place in my heart ever since I was a student there years ago.”

In its latest edition of #ShareTheLoad, Ariel is asking if we are teaching our sons what we have been teaching our daughters and is urging mothers to re-analyse the way they raise their sons. Dhawan said, “In the context of right upbringing, we urge mothers to be changemakers, and raise yet another pertinent question—Are we teaching our sons what we have been teaching our daughters? If sharing the load is taught at an impressionable age, it becomes a part of their value system. A happier household is one where both men and women share the load.”

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