After an agonizing year I pray that we all heal. We must recognize that healing is not just an organized activity you seek after being struck by extreme pain emotional or physical. Its a basic human need that exists within us in one form or another and we constantly yearn for it knowingly and unknowingly.

We need healing from situations that made us feel unsafe or threatened, we need healing from times where we loved and lost or where we just felt hostility, we need healing from times where we wanted to belong but couldn’t, from situations where our self-esteem  was hurt or where we felt like a failure be it at work or in personal life.

The need for healing surfaces in different degrees panning across a spectrum of human life brimming with incomplete feelings, misunderstandings or half-baked understanding, loose ends and strained relationships. There is a need for healing-
when we miss our life goals, lose our health or our grip on what is precious for us today…
When we don’t get what we seek or what we think we earned but missed
when we feel hurt, get intolerant and judgmental or when we want to forgive because we want to forget and move on or simply when we want to be heard, understood and believed.

Healing is every day in many a way and its not an elevated need, its the most basic.

Something as simple as checking all the blocks in your to do list can be healing for you because you find your equilibrium there between your plans and your actions, your dreams and your reality. A lot of anxiety exists in between these spaces and achieving these could ease that anxiety and heal.

Healing can be found in the baby steps you take towards your ambitions in your career or in love.  The flow of trust and thereby the sense of safety between two people who can vent or listen without fear of judgment can be healing. Working out and eating right can be healing to a person who loses out to temptations and impulse eating.

So as we all aspire to be more and whole may we all keep working towards healing ourselves and find that calm in between spaces of where and how we are and where and how we want to beIn the days ahead
May that job that gives us a high be ours
May we feel loved by the ones we want love from
May we feel understood n respected
May we be fit and fab
May we heal wherever it hurts
May we Thrive. ❤


  • Priyanka Jaitly Judge

    Writer and Organization Psychologist

    I am a mother of two, a writer and a consultant in Human Resources. As a Master’s in Psychology, I love engaging with people and facilitating individuals and groups at various levels. I have used Psychometric Tools for organisational requirements and engaged in one to one counselling in order to support individuals with various challenges they face in an organisation. I am passionate about reflecting upon and writing about contemporary matters that impact our living, holistic health (with a high focus on mental health & healing), women and children. Being from a Qualitative Research and HR background, I have had the opportunity to interact with people in direct interviews as well as in groups. this close interaction has only made my love for delving & understanding the human psyche stronger.