We all know that charity begins at home. But how many of us know that transformation begins with the self too? Transformation is nothing but change; change from what and where one is, to what and where one wants to be. Believe me: nothing is more exciting and interesting than the journey one embarks upon to make this happen. 

Change is an ongoing process, be it within oneself, a group, or an organisation. Opportunities for change—growth, development, improvement, betterment and enhancement—are infinite. How does one get ready to handle this? It’s only by agreeing to and adapting to change. 

Coming to personal transformation, one undergoes the same due to either external or internal factors. Whatever the cause, transformation is always internal, and happens deep within. Personal transformation mostly has to do with unaccomplished achievements, success (lack of it or trouble in handling it), personal growth, self-improvement, dealing with pain, career-related, fulfillment of dreams, overcoming fear or no-confidence, handling challenges, relationship oriented, self-belief, removing darkness, stress, etc. In short, it’s about becoming one’s best version. Whatever the reason, it all begins with identifying what kind of change is required. It’s very important to believe and accept that change or transformation is possible.  

Transformation happens when there is:

  1.  Need for change
  2.  Belief
  3.  Acceptance
  4.  Commitment
  5.  Responsibility
  6.  Action Plan
  7.  Destination

Transformation begins with a progressive intent. It’s about saying goodbye to the past and focusing on the self. How much time do you usually spend to understand yourself? Have you done it frequently before, and if yes, how frequently? Haven’t you come across a number of people who aren’t as smart as you are, who are much less talented than you are, who aren’t as educated or knowledgeable as you are, who are less aggressive or hard-working than you, but who have gone much further in life and have achieved much more things; things which you are still only dreaming about? If they can, why can’t you? What’s stopping you? What’s the secret formula? How come they have done it confidently and effortlessly? You may not know, but you will surely agree there is a way out, isn’t there?  

All the answers lie within you.  So, if you have identified what you want to do, become or accomplish, first accept the need for change before you even believe it can happen. And where does it happen? Can you believe that it all happens within you and you are the key with which these possibilities open up? So, let the change begin from and happen within. But it doesn’t happen overnight. Get ready to tread on the rough path ahead which is filled with stepping stones leading to a new, awesome you!   

Once you trust yourself, the change is possible, and it’s only a matter of time. But it doesn’t come on a platter. You need to know where you are currently, and where you want to be and by when. You should have clarity and undergo a process, one with commitment and you will come out shining like gold. Though you know your destination, you aren’t there yet without a well-laid out action plan.

Just to make it happen and happen in a systematic way, it is always recommended that you seek the services of a coach. A coach neither guides nor trains you. He or she is there only to ask you questions and help  you find answers. It’s like finding your dream house and setting it up, all by yourself, before you enjoy your life living there. 

Whether it is for an individual or a corporate (executive coaching), the coach facilitates ways to meet specific goals. In addition, an executive coach takes the KPIs, vision, mission and the organisational culture and practices into account and helps the learner align the insights with the employer’s objectives and process.  

The beauty of transformation is, it wakes you up from your dreams to fulfill your dreams!

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  • Venkat Balantrapu

    Transformational Coach, Insurance Consultant & Trainer, International Career Counsellor & Career Coach, NLP Practitioner & Master Practitioner, Columnist, Motivational Speaker, Singer, and Founder-CEO

    Weave Career (India & Kenya).

    Venkat Balantrapu has held senior management positions in the general insurance industry for over 33 years (14 years in India and almost 20 years in Africa including Kenya, Mauritius, Zambia, Tanzania, Malawi and Uganda). He is an ex-banker and has worked in the private sector as well for 5 years. He is currently the Founder & CEO, WEAVE, (India & Kenya) and a Member – Advisory Board, Paavana Insurance Brokers Limited, India and also represents Service Quality Institute, USA, conducting their customer service excellence certification programs globally. He is a member, Madras Management Association, delivering corporate programs on their behalf. He is an empanelled trainer for Kenyan Institute of Bankers, Nairobi, Kenya. Has prepared training modules for TATA AIG, India and HDFC ERGO General Insurance in India and delivers training programs for them. He is an MBA., B.Com, FLMI, AIII, ARA, and ACS.