Becoming an entrepreneur seven years back has been a redefining experience for me. It puts tremendous pressure on you with high mental stress and body fatigue without let up.

Being an entrepreneur also forces you to perform at very high levels over an extended period of time.

This has guided me to listen to my mind and body which has changed many perspectives and habits, leading to overall wellness.

Physical fitness is no longer an option for me but something to be accomplished each day. So I get up in each morning and choose between not one but many options from cycling, gym and yoga.

Healthy eating is another step in this direction. The right diet is no longer an aspiration but to be lived each day. I have given up junk food, sugar and gluten to achieve this.

When I feel burnt out, I focus on my family and relationships, even my other family of HealthAssure, the company I founded. 

However, there are still areas which remain unmanaged such as my relationship with my phone, it’s a journey which continues.

My advice is for all to begin the good journey for all the right reasons leading to ‘thriving in life’.

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  • Varun Gera

    Entrepreneur, Healthcare Industry

    Varun Gera is an entrepreneur who founded a health tech firm, HealthAssure. Gera has more than 22 years of prior leadership experience in start-up environments, sales, product and consulting. Prior to founding HealthAssure, he was the chief executive officer, UnitedHealthcare, India, a Fortune 21 company. Gera graduated from the University of Notre Dame, the USA with a Master’s in Business Administration.  He has Bachelor’s in Economics, Honors from Delhi University, India.