Writers are fueled by creativity, and creativity is inspired by an innovative outlook. All these factors contributing to your writing have to be kindled and regulated routinely for you to produce your best work. However, there are times when your power to create is exhausted from all the commotion of everyday life. This can obstruct a writer from continuing with the ideation or concept, and is commonly referred to as Writer’s Block. In order to replenish the treasure of creativity and eliminate the block, one needs to attack its very roots. Here are a few suggestions:

  • First, panicking won’t help. The more chaos you fill your head with, the more rigid the block gets. So try to distract your mind and keep your calm while you try to relax and get back on track.
  • Second, you need not be harsh with yourself for being an author. Ups and downs are a part of life. The best ideas come from the silliest of places. So if thinking quality ideas is getting hard, just think and jot down random thoughts that can later be refined into ‘quality’ or ‘not-so-suitable’ ones.
  • Third, never stop brainstorming and researching. You could do it in the most leisurely ways possible, but the process doesn’t have to stop completely. You can try going for walks and spend some time in nature, breathing fresh air, and yet be passively thinking about how to build the story ahead. 
  • Lastly, you can try narrating your ideas to reliable people close to you— for instance, family members or a good friend. The moment you start having a second-eye perspective, you tend to develop the best of the stories as you become more open to new things and vision-shifts.

Calmness and a little leisure time, blended with the above tips, is all you require to break your Writer’s Block and get back to being the amazing writer you aspire to be. All you have to do is believe in yourself and never give up. After all, success seems to like people who are too strong-headed to give up on their ambitions!

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  • Madhurima Jain is a budding author who was born and brought up in Kolkata but hails from the exotic and colourful land of the Rajputs, Rajasthan, India. After finishing her graduation from Jadavpur University, she got married and shifted to Delhi.  Her passion for design and décor translated into a décor company that curated event décor for twenty years. During this period, she also trained at Pioneer Balloons, USA to become the first certified balloon artist in India. She is a skilled communicator, a quick learner with a creative bent of mind and a perfectionist in whatever she does.
    When fate struck a blow and she had to sell her business due to a debilitating illness, she channelled her creativity into writing this book. Her son Rananjay was the motivating factor who gave her the confidence to pen this story for publishing. Being deeply spiritual, she believes that her journey as an author has helped her recover from her illness and evolve to a higher level of awareness where small things in life like a walk in the park with blooming flowers and spending a lazy afternoon with friends in the winter sun gives deep inner pleasure.