The happiness quotient of an individual is something that he holds within his right to build and expand. Ways and methods to create these happy spaces differ from person to person, in the most ancient or innovative ways possible.

What does research consider the most effective way to create a happiness routine? Yoga! This artistic ancient Indian practise has redeemed many from the brink of depressive lives and negative thinking. Its practise is known to reduce anger, fear, fatigue and enhance feelings of wellness.

Yoga is globally viewed as a process of self-improvement, in the process granting greater resilience, both on and off the mat. Yoga helps you find this balance between seeking happiness internally and externally. Asanas which bring balance to the body, mind, and soul are the game changers.

Below are a few asanas that help one feel happy and at peace.

The cat-cow pose

The cat- cow pose variation helps you calm the body’s central nervous system, it regulates fluctuations in the mind space, helping the flow of positive energy. The cat-cow variation helps you find joy in your journey.

Dancers pose

The dancers pose speaks a story of sophistication and elegance, like that of a dancer who waltzes through life with ease. This pose opens-up the yogi’s heart chakra, radiating love and kindness to flow through all of their life experiences.

Goddess pose

The goddess pose is the highest reminder for you to step into your power and own it. The power to create one’s happiness starts from within, and this pose helps the yogi, affirm this feeling into physical reality.

Wheel pose

The Wheel Pose or Chakrasana is the ultimate backbend to release endorphins into the bloodstream. This pose stretches the back, reminds the yogi to be responsive to movement and opens the body and mind to positive occurrences to build a happiness routine.


Headstand inversions have helped man evolve in the most novel ways, from the beginning of time, being able to look at a certain situation from a renewed perspective. With blood flowing through your body, feel the new energy flow through you.

Warrior pose

There are a few variations of the warrior pose, all of which make the yogi feel like they are battling and fighting to live their best life, emerging victorious. This pose helps you drop tension and anxiety and embrace inner strength.

Along with adapting the yoga lifestyle to feel de-stressed and happy, meditation is also an important tool to keep one mindful and at peace. It may seem difficult to incorporate a few minutes of sitting idle and dealing with your thoughts while making an effort to bring your mind at peace in our daily lives.

Meditation is a practice that will help one become more focussed in the present moment and live life as it happens, avoiding anticipation of the future or reminiscing on the past. Living in the present means stimulating reactions to the present which help our mind to focus on a single moment at a time.

This mindful living will help one become clearer in their thought process keeping the evils like stress and anxiety at bay.  Starting a meditation practise helps us identify with inner peace and project outer peace.

What else?

  • Keep a journal where you fill in details about the aspects of your day which make you happy and the things that you possess or experiences that you are grateful for.
  • Keep a balanced diet, eat a lot of fruits and vegetables and leafy greens.
  • Keep your environment clean and filled with pleasant aromas. Citrus, lavender, sandalwood, and lemon essences are known to elevate mood.
  • Listen to brainwave altering music, which can alter your mood and general disposition; healing and meditation music which helps soothe one’s state of mind.
  • Get enough sunlight. Spend time in the sun and allow yourself to sweat.
  • Treat yourself, buy yourself small presents which are reminders that you appreciate yourself.
  • Smile.


A happier tomorrow depends on the routine of today. A daily yoga practise paves the road to a happier tomorrow.

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