My father was in the police services and throughout his career and even today, the one learning he wants me to master is the skill of observation through all the senses, instead of just one. Often we tend to believe what we hear from others, and base our opinions solely on that. Or we see something, and are quick to judge the situation, since we are programmed to believe that our eyes won’t lie to us. This makes us impervious to the bigger picture as we have based our inferences only through one external medium which quite often is biased. Instead, if we learn to observe by focusing all our senses on the situation at hand, we find our inner voice, guiding us to the solution. This is what people call being guided through the gut, or through intuition, or consciousness, or through pure accidental genius. 

There have been various instances in my life when I have felt something, a voice in my head, and whatever it said turned out to be true. I’m sure something similar must have happened to many people out there. It made me wonder, how does it happen and why? One of my theories is that, if you are a keen observer, assimilating lot of information on a non-reactive basis, meeting people on a non-judgmental basis, are able to look at problems without getting flustered and lastly, able to tune yourself to be a good human being with a calm mind, you will be surprised to see that lot of solutions come to you at the right moment without much of an effort. It’s like the way it used to happen in school, we would struggle with a mathematics problem and once we take a nap, the solution to that problem would come to us automatically. The message here is not that sleeping is a solution, but the fact that sleeping helps calm your mind. 

We underestimate the power of our mind, it’s an amazing, unimaginable, complex system/machine. Today, we talk about Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) and get super excited with their results, but I think that is just scratching the surface in terms of the AI and ML we have in our brain. The way our brain puts the data we have assimilated together over the years, compounds it and throws a solution without us forcing it to think too much is truly amazing. 

However, we do not always get answers from it. Why is that the case? My understanding has been that, when the mind is calm and when we are comfortable being with ourselves and looking inwards, the solution comes to us. The machine that we have is amazing, it is much more advanced than any AI, ML. 

We need to combine the data we assimilate through technology and the data of our internal system (our brain) gathered through experiences and observations to come up with solutions

So, do we charge this machine enough? Do we give it required space? Or do we just bombard it and confuse it with a lot of things at a time? It’s like your laptop, when you try doing too many things together, it may stop responding or respond very slowly till we have to shut off various processes/apps or in the worst case scenario, restart it. Something similar happens to our brain when we are stressed, over-thinking or in a panic mode. Our brain is unable to assimilate the right data and hence, stops sending signals at the right time. Hence, we need to work towards decluttering all that’s there in our brain and sharpen our focus by giving it necessary rest that it deserves. It can be done by calming your mind through meditation or doing anything that helps you relax. This brings in clarity of thought and you are able to find solutions, rather than running around in all the chaos.

Fundamentally, I believe that we need to combine the data we assimilate through technology and the data of our internal system (our brain) gathered through experiences and observations to come up with solutions, which will be very beneficial not only on an individual level, but also for the society at large. 

For this to work,  we need to learn to ‘listen’ to this machine clearly, out of the blue a buzzer won’t start playing in your head if you are making a wrong decision. You need to trust yourself and have patience to develop these instincts, by cutting the noise around.

The key here is to not be flustered, but to stay calm and this internal system will automatically start helping you in various life situations. With this internal system as a teacher by your side, it’s tough to fail in anything in your life, and even if you do, you will learn from it and that will take you to the path of success.

Believe in yourself, be yourself and be calm come what may. Be open to learning because all your experiences, based on your interactions with people and observations, will take you to the next level and help in evolving this inner voice. Thus, contributing towards your personal growth and making you a stronger person. There will be many teachers at various stages in your life, but this inner voice will stay with you forever, guiding you to the right direction and trust me, it won’t let you down. 


  • Tapan Singhel

    MD & CEO

    Bajaj Allianz General Insurance

    Tapan Singhel has a rich experience in the insurance industry of more than 30 years. He has been with Bajaj Allianz General Insurance for over 20 years and is the Company’s MD & CEO for close to 10 years. He also chairs the CII National Committee on Insurance and Pensions. He has been the President of Indo-German Chamber of Commerce and is now a board member. Under his leadership, the company has emerged as one of the largest and the most profitable private general insurer in the country ensuring growth, profitability and customer-centricity. In Mr. Singhel’s decade long stint as the MD & CEO, the Company has achieved a cumulative underwriting profit of more than ₹ 350 crore, grew its revenue at a CAGR of 16 %, grew its net profit (PAT) at a CAGR of more than 30% with a double growth in solvency ratio from 156% to close to 350%. Customer obsession and passion to do good for the people are what drives Tapan and his success in the industry. A scientist by education, but insurer at heart he works towards making a difference in the lives of people in whatever little way he can. Tapan has not only transformed the company, but has also been a trendsetter in the insurance industry by always taking the first leap towards innovating to enhance the customer service standards. Under his able leadership, Bajaj Allianz General Insurance has transformed the distribution of insurance by being the first company in the country to start Bancassurance. He also envisaged and implemented, Virtual Sales Office, which is a 100% digital office. Addressing customer worries is what drives him to ideate and implement innovative products and services. For instance, settling motor claims in a matter of minutes with the help of Motor OTS, taking care of new-age cyber risk through Bajaj Allianz Individual Cyber Safe Policy, industry’s first Pet Dog Insurance policy and introduction of Health Infinity, a health insurance policy with unlimited sum insured. His leadership has been recognized across the globe. He was honoured as the 'Personality of the Year' at Quantic’s BFSI Excellence Awards 2021, India Insurance Summit & Awards 2019, 22nd Asia Insurance Industry Awards 2018 and Indian Insurance Summit 2017. He was also awarded the title of Best CEO at Insurance Asia Awards and was recognized as the Most Promising Business Leaders of Asia 2018 by The Economic Times. By always imbibing the principle of empathy towards customers and employees, he has been instrumental in the organisation being recognised on various forums. To name a few, Best Digital Insurer in Asia for IDC Financial Insights Innovation Awards 2021, Non-Life Insurer Provider of the Year by Outlook Money Awards 2020, Best Motor Insurance Provider of the Year at the prestigious Business Today-Money Today Financial Services Awards 2021. The Company has also won the coveted Porter Prize award under the category of Creating Distinct Value in 2019. Tapan is known for his ‘Communicative Leadership’ style, where he believes in engaging regularly with employees and customers through social media.