There is but a fine line between feeling that fire in your belly to achieve your goals and getting burned out in that fire and almost all of us oscillate between this Eustress and Distress.

There is a simple mantra to well-being and it starts with the small choices you make every day, according to general manager of Thrive Global India Dr Marcus Ranney. “Get the endorphins going with at least 30 minutes of exercise at the start of the day or wrap up your day with a few laps in the pool before you go to bed,” he says. “Opt for water as your preferred drink and enjoy at least seven hours of sleep and see the metamorphosis from a tired burned out self to a rejuvenated charged up state of being.”

In its bid to counter the epidemic of stress, Thrive Global India recently joined hands with Airbnb, the world’s largest community-driven hospitality platform, for the Thrive Retreats as Airbnb Experiences. These set of curated, handpicked wellness retreats in India aim to create a host of enriching experiences for Indian professionals.

Besides experts facilitating insightful and energising sessions at the curated retreats enabling professionals fuel peak performance, also on offer are activities such as spa treatments, Ayurvedic massages, hiking, nature walks and outdoor sports—all contributing to a Thriving, and unique, experience.

India’s workforce is not only one of the largest in the world, it’s also one of the youngest. At Thrive Global India, our mission is to help the digitally savvy Indian workforce to prioritise their well-being in order to lead more productive and meaningful lives.

Arianna Huffington, founder and CEO of Thrive Global

And who better to partner with than Airbnb with its over six million unique places to stay in more than 100,000 cities in 191 countries and regions. Huffington adds, “And travel has long been a way for people to unplug and recharge and connect not just with others, but also with themselves. We look forward to curating these retreats with Airbnb.”

Companies are now actively seeking unique travel experiences for their employees as a means to motivate their staff and increase overall productivity. ‘Thrive Retreats’ will offer corporates an option to increase their productivity through these experiences which increase mindfulness.

Amanpreet Bajaj, Country Manager, Airbnb—India

Today, over 400,000 companies across the globe directly engage with Airbnb to help manage business travel since Airbnb for Work was launched in early 2014. “This growth is a testimony to the change we are witnessing in the world today,” says Bajaj.

Thus was born Thrive Retreats at Airbnb villas with four unique experiences on offer covering the themes Peak Performance, Mindful Leadership, Science of Behaviour Change, and Stress Management. Here is how the Thrive Retreats will boost your wellness quotient at multiple levels:

1. Unlock Your Maximum Potential!

This retreat helps reinforce the Thrive Microsteps (small, science-backed behavioural changes that can make a big impact) that can be incorporated into daily routines to start building healthier and more sustainable habits for enhanced performance. From immersing in meditation and enjoying its positive immediate impact on the body, mind, heart and soul to understanding the impact of multitasking on the body and mind.

2. Change the Way You Live and Work  

If you think you know yourself and what works for you, think again. Our subconscious mind is a reservoir of thoughts and beliefs, some of which are good while some are a little restricting. This retreat has tailormade workshops that enable you to understand the role and impact of your beliefs and mindset on productivity and performance and why it’s imperative to create a paradigm shift. By enabling you to identify your limiting beliefs and generating new thought processes while understanding the impact of beliefs on behaviour it focuses on an area where change would have a substantial positive impact for you. 

3. Learn to Be a More Mindful Leader

With great power comes great responsibility and being a mindful leader tops the list. This unique experience brings awareness to the importance of connection and purpose and the role they play in mindful leadership. With exercises on mindful communication to engaging in gratitude and purpose exercises practice how to incorporate into your daily routines healthier and more sustainable habits for enhanced productivity and performance.

“Being mindful and grateful are the best form of meditation by far,” feels Dr Ranney. “I wind down my work day by switching off the phone 30-40 minutes before I sleep but only after I video call both my kids each day to remind me that life is much deeper than the tasks I set myself during the working day.”

Also important is gratitude. Dr Ranney makes it a point to thank those who have taken the time to host him at their office and meet him during the day. 

The wonder of new experiences cannot be overstressed either. “I try and add that zing to my day either by visiting a new place in a city or by having a walking meeting and explore the outdoors and nature,” adds the Thrive Global India GM.

4. Dear Stress, Let’s Break up…

Ask yourself: “How stressed am I?” Don’t like the answer? Try this retreat. It is good for detaching from the bad stress in life and gives insight into levels of stress and brings awareness of the impact of reframing challenging situations to manage stress better and thereby enhancing productivity and performance. The Reframing Muscle Testing exercise will guide you through the physical and emotional effects of reframing a situation through positive self-talk versus a negative perspective of the self.

To avoid stressors, Dr Ranney suggests abstaining from alcohol while travelling “to maintain mental alertness and not add to already complicated schedules and extra pressures on performance”.

These Thrive Retreats are available for booking on Airbnb and offer corporate groups curated wellness retreats and business off sites in India. 

It’s time to switch off and indulge in some much-needed time off from work to emerge with enhanced productivity and the ability to reach your peak performance.


  • Priyanka Jaitly Judge

    Writer and Organization Psychologist

    I am a mother of two, a writer and a consultant in Human Resources. As a Master’s in Psychology, I love engaging with people and facilitating individuals and groups at various levels. I have used Psychometric Tools for organisational requirements and engaged in one to one counselling in order to support individuals with various challenges they face in an organisation. I am passionate about reflecting upon and writing about contemporary matters that impact our living, holistic health (with a high focus on mental health & healing), women and children. Being from a Qualitative Research and HR background, I have had the opportunity to interact with people in direct interviews as well as in groups. this close interaction has only made my love for delving & understanding the human psyche stronger.