From watching a movie she wished she saw years ago to shooting the perfect video all by herself, RJ-turned-film critic Sucharita Tyagi has been thriving through the Coronavirus outbreak. Talking to Tarika Singh on the Thrive at Home Instagram chat recently, Tyagi spoke of how she is busy publishing videos on YouTube right out of her apartment with the most recent one featuring some of the happy movies to watch online (Mamma Mia, Tere Bin Laden and Kumbalangi Nights).

Although video streaming services are the only option left for movie buffs today, Tyagi feels that people visit cinema halls not just to watch movies but for the whole experience, from enjoying popcorn queues to sipping cola! “Just because there is ‘Need For Speed’ doesn’t mean people will stop going to amusement parks!”

Sucharita Tyagi

“I already ordered lapel mic and ring light long before the lockdown was enforced,” she says happily adding that content creation has no limitation for the creative minds. For those with none of these privileges, using natural light and headphones can be a perfect combination, she suggests. When asked about the equipment required for recording a video, she says that a cell phone is all one needs. She even has quick fixes to common problems: “Use book stacks if you don’t have a tripod or selfie stick. If your window blocks the sunlight, go downstairs or on the roof.”

From hosting a radio show to turning film critic, her thoughts on career changes are clear: “If you see a better opportunity in some different field, it’s always a good idea to grab it. It’s not even a career shift,” she says, adding however that, “People tend to make rash decisions without conducting extensive research about the role and field.” 

Travel is on her post-lockdown agenda. “I’ll go meet my parents in New Delhi. I’ll travel to a faraway country, I still don’t know where but probably to an open space, having hills and valleys with friends and family.” 


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