“Sound stretched is Music…

Movement stretched is dance…

Mind stretched is meditation…

LIFE stretched is celebration”

A poor man celebrates the New Year once a year. A rich man celebrates each day. But the richest man celebrates every moment. You don’t need money to celebrate life. If you just have the trust and faith that you will be provided what you need tomorrow, you start celebrating every moment. That’s the real sign of prosperity.

If you don’t know you are loved by the Divine, you will not be able to celebrate life. You will live in insecurity. With insecurity, greed comes. With greed, selfishness becomes strong. And with that comes anger.  With anger comes lust.  And with that comes all sorts of sadness, miseries one behind the other, like a chain.

Turn back and remember the whole year that has gone by. Do not run away from anything. Do not reject anything. Do not go away from anything.

At the same time, let your attention be on the self. This is a delicate balance. That balance is yoga. That balance is spirituality. Some people think being silent is spirituality. Some people think only celebration is spirituality.

Spirituality is a harmonious blend of outer silence and inner celebration; and also inner silence and outer celebration!

The celebration that comes out of silence is real celebration. Celebration is the nature of the spirit. Any celebration has to be spiritual. A celebration without spirituality has no depth. Silence gives depth to celebration.

Every excuse to celebrate is good. In celebration, you are not just having a party, you remind yourself of the wisdom. If sacredness is attached to a celebration, that celebration is total, complete. It’s not just body and mind but also the spirit that celebrates.

The year 2018 is fortunate because you are living at this time! Let time celebrate your presence. You keep smiling as ever. When you let time celebrate you, you are a witness amid celebration. The heart always longs for the old, the mind for the new. Life is a combination of both.

Allow the space for creativity to dawn. The year that is going by has taught us many lessons; what we should be doing and what we should not be doing. Every pain that we went through in 2018 brought us some depth, and all the joy and pleasure gave us a new vision of life and hope the future.

“The year gone by saw plenty of rainy days. This New Year, let there be sunshine—both in our lives and in society. Let us all have a determination to create a violence-free, stress-free society. May your life be filled with peace, joy and happiness! Happy New Year!

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  • Sri Sri Ravi Shankar

    Global Humanitarian. Spiritual Leader. Peace Ambassador

    Sri Sri Ravi Shankar is the founder of the Art of Living Foundation and the International Association for Human Values which collaborate on humanitarian initiatives worldwide. Sri Sri’s work includes armed conflict resolution, U.S. Veteran PTSD relief, prisoner rehabilitation, addiction treatment, poverty alleviation and human rights advocacy. He developed a powerful breathing technique called Sudarshan Kriya Yoga (SKY) that makes use of the relation between breath and emotions by including specific rhythms of breath that harmonize the body, mind and emotions and help individuals find relief from stress. His programs have reached an estimated 370 million people in 155 countries.