A person’s body is a vessel that protects and prospers the spirit that lies within. It reflects the way one has lived their life, the choices they have made and how often have they respected their skin and frame. One needs to strive for holistic growth in order to have a life worth remembering, which is only possible if the four wheels of the cycle — physical, mental, emotional and spiritual well-being — are aligned in resonance with each other. 

If at any point, one of these four verticals is compromised, it can put the person in a state of unease, discomfort, or more commonly known as ‘disease’. So how can one keep the wheels aligned to make the vehicle tread on the path of growth? Here’s how.

Lay the foundational block

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It is imperative for one to understand the roots of the imbalance in order to work on them. One of the basic elements that are overlooked while trying to be healthy is the diet. It is essential for people to consume healthy bites and wholesome meals to pump their physical and mental well-being. 

Keeping a track of when to eat what is equally significant. Staying hydrated while understanding the organ clock to feed the body with nutrients will lead to better digestion and metabolism; hence forming the building block of a healthy vessel. 

Walk it out

Once the consume-healthy and consume-timely foundation for the diet has been laid, it is time to move on; quite literally. Designating a routine that involves movement is essential to maintain physical fitness. One of the major activities here shall include brisk walking, jogging, cardio exercises and yoga. It is important to work out at least 45 minutes a day. The planned workout should not only target a good muscular structure but also internal organ health and strengthening one’s core. 

Introspect and channelise

If there is one way to nurture one’s mental health, it is by introspecting and channelising the thoughts. Confront the thoughts and worries that create obstacles in one’s mind and then focus on channelising the energy into consuming a better mental diet; which includes the content one watches, reads and listens to. Along with this, one of the activities which will help align this chakra is consuming more vitamins and taking ample sleep while respecting the body-clock. 

Bach flower therapy is also one of the efficient ways to balance the four wheels and induce stability in life. It will help an individual to explore and make peace with themselves. The therapy includes flower-based tinctures and its vibrational energy (derived from plants) gets in tune with human energy and helps in creating a balance.

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Invest. Manifest. Repeat

Investing one’s energy in the right direction and eventually manifesting the true potential of self helps in creating synchronised spiritual well-being. One of the ways to practise the art of invest, manifest and repeat is to meditate. Meditation not only helps to be mindful but also lets a person explore their flaws and strengths, aiding them to make peace with themselves. Emotional well-being is the mother of all wheels of human health. If we are emotionally stable we can fight out most of our problems. Physical problems, to a great extent, are an emotional manifestation. 

Emotional issues give birth to mental or physical disorders. Emotions are what we feed our minds with. There are two kinds of ingestions — emotional and physical. Both of these ingestions are interlinked and affect the working of the other. Thus making it imperative to keep both of them healthy, with the centre of the sphere being spiritual and emotional well-being.

The guru mantra to balancing all the elements is not to have anything in excess. Everything in moderation seems to help a person to stay grounded and healthy in all aspects. Therefore, all these practises, combined together in moderation, will help an individual to lead a life where they have balanced the four wheels. 

This is something we all need, especially now more than ever, considering the pandemic that has disrupted the overall health of many. Let’s learn to balance all these elements to feel more like ourselves and tread on a path to holistic health and growth.


  • Pallavi Bhardwaj

    Holistic Health and Lifestyle Coach

    Save Well Being

    Pallavi Bhardwaj is a holistic health and lifestyle coach who has studied Macrobiotic Nutrition at Kushi institute U.S.A and Bach flower Therapy at The Bach Centre U.K. Pallavi is also proficient in Past Life Regression therapy which she learnt from the renowned Dr. Brian Weiss at Omega Institute for Holistic Studies, USA and is currently studying Ayurveda Acupressure. Pallavi uses Bach Flower Remedy, Past Life Regression, Yoga, Shiatsu, customized workouts and food knowledge to help individuals lead a holistic life. Currently, she is practicing as a holistic health and lifestyle coach where she uses her great melange of studies to counsel people on physical and mental well being. She utilises her rich experience to improve organ functions and metabolic activities and has been healing people with physical, mental and emotional issues through food, lifestyle changes and customised bach flower tinctures. Pallavi has named her workplace ‘Ibadat’ which means worship. According to her, life lived well is ‘ibadat’, every human body is like temple and soul residing is universal power keeping both balance is nothing less than ‘ibadat’.