“Hacks” has become a word that people love to use. I’ve seen hack-a-thons for digital app development, I’ve seen hack the brain, hack the box, hack your way into everlasting love, computer hackers, hack your way into a spacious closet with these nifty tricks and tips. I mean one can learn to hack their CV to look like Elon Musk’s and reach for Venus!

But my favourite one is ‘consciousness hacking’.

Not only do I love the concept, but I am an avid user myself of consciousness hacking as well as a deliverer of the solution to select clientele who understand the magic of attaining high levels of elevated consciousness for greater access to ideas and unlimited scope for creativity, attention and focus.

Seasoned sports celebrities, stock brokers, industrialists, actors and especially the special forces of the military and the aviation sector have understood the magic of biofeedback for hacking the consciousness. It is for people who have high standards to achieve and very little time to achieve it. It is about the meditation practitioner who seeks to gain access to altered states of awareness and deeper levels of meditative experiences without hallucinogenic aids.

This is a jugaad (an extra push) to get to higher states by not only working harder or smarter, it’s about being the most efficient hacker.

A couple of years ago in California, I was part of a conference on innovation in leadership. We discussed various issues including deep learning and artificial intelligence, which were not as ‘mainstream’ as they are today. We are a part of a generation that is witnessing one of the most rapid developments in technology after all, and I was honoured to be a part of the beginning of this topic.

While talking with a dear friend of mine about these new hacks and he just looked at me and burst out laughing saying, “Prakriti, I thought you’re a practical businesswoman not some snake oil salesman” I laughed because of the snake oil salesman jibe and also at the fact that this man, who’s a financial and strategic wizard, who’s learned from top most institutions and travelled across the world, caught up with the latest news and happenings, still hadn’t known about consciousness hacking.

Which then made me pause and wonder: Are there people out there who don’t know that they hack their brain into peak performance?

Since I work on creative modes of therapy with research and am continuously redefining ways to make therapy deeper and I like to get my hands dirty and do the research myself, I added EEG biofeedback to map the efficiency of the new tool that I had built.

Although I adopted this just as a tool to assess the effectiveness of iSound Pharmacy I quickly realised this revolutionary technology called Neurofeedback could be used in more ways than just mapping the electromagnetic impulses of the brain. It’s a kind of BioFeedback based training programme that heals, enhances and trains one’s brain.

At that time it sounded like something straight out of science fiction, but as I was about to learn, it is a real, scientific technique employed by leaders across the globe.

At the institute, I realised that this is the technique that will take us to the edge of artificial intelligence. Yes, you did read that right. I immediately set up the system at my centre.

This technology treats a variety of malaise, from issues including but not limited to ADHD, autism, learning disabilities, substance abuse, internet addiction, porn addiction, sex addiction, food and other behavioural addictions, depression, anxiety, migraines, to stress and more.

And for those who are perfectly healthy and don’t seem to need any treatment?

It works to elevate your existing skills and knowledge and aligns your brain into its most optimum potential.

I’ve embraced hacking into our consciousness almost like a new religion. I regularly take the sessions myself, since I have to be on top of four different companies, be the managing trustee of a foundation and be an active mother to three brilliant and unconventional children.

I don’t like to feel burnt out or depleted or stressed. I feel like I perform my worst when I’m feeling low. I have trained my brain to deal with stressful situation and conflicts in a strategic, calm and peaceful manner.

We have an untapped reservoir of knowledge, excellence and industriousness right there in our minds. We just needed to find a way to hack into it and explore our limitless potential and success.

So, I’ll be ending this with a challenge for you—hack into your consciousness and treat it like a coding or gaming Hackathon.

If you focus on success, you’ll have stress, but if you pursue excellence, success will be guaranteed.

Deepak Chopra


  • Prakriti Poddar

    Mental health expert

    Dr. Prakriti Poddar started healing at a very early age. She started Mind Over Image in 2001 and has been Consulting with corporates and Individuals since. Her extensive experience in the fields of Consulting, Hypnotherapy and Counseling has led to hundreds of satisfied clients.