Having an optimistic outlook on life, a general expectation that good things will happen, may help people live longer, according to a 2016 study from the Harvard T H Chan School of Public Health. It leads us to think how one can develop an optimistic outlook in life in the midst of so many negative things one experiences directly or indirectly.

The power of Positive Thinking has been stressed enough for a healthy lifestyle. Stress can make your heart beat harder and faster. In fact, stress is a major cause of elevated blood pressure. 

Under stress we may feel as though everything is going wrong, we’re going to blow the big job, we’re always rushing to get somewhere, people are standing in our way, we’re upset about being caught in traffic and the list goes on. When we’re stressed the brain stimulates the sympathetic nervous system. The sympathetic nervous system then prompts the adrenal medulla to pump out adrenaline like substance this in turn increases the heart rate and the strength which with the heart beats. So, it’s a simple formula: Negative thoughts equal stress and stress equals elevated blood pressure.

So even if you are on a healthy diet, stress can elevate your cholesterol. It boils down to the thoughts that caused the problem of hurry-itis, anger, fear, feelings that you are a failure, that life is out to get you. These thoughts increase blood pressure and cholesterol. These thoughts are deadly killers. Reactions can be a saviour once in a way in an emergency, if it is too often this saviour can become our nightmare.

Good thoughts are positive, affirmative, pep talk, tuning up the mind and the body. Every good thought that comes into our mind is a golden nugget of health and happiness. What thoughts we think will create the difference in our lives between health and disease, happiness and depression success or failure. That is why we need to become aware of the quality of our thoughts and slowly weed out the negative thoughts. Our thoughts under stress make the thinking brain the cerebral cortex signal the hypothalamus which in turn activates certain neurotransmitters and hormones making us react in a certain way. 

As part of the stress reaction the adrenal glands pump out cortisone, which suppresses the immune system in the long run. Stress makes you often experience some warning signs like headaches, neckaches, backaches, heaviness in chest, heart palpitation or high blood pressure and diabetes. 

The colour of our thoughts and our perception is what counts, not the stressor. It’s how we view the world that matters. You have a choice to make at every situation in your life. Become mindful of your thoughts and consciously choose to think healthy positive thoughts which make you feel optimistic as you keep practising and increasing the positive thinking. To increase your positive thoughts, start the day with positive affirmations and keep affirming at regular intervals till it becomes a habit. Recite each affirmation out loud with enthusiasm and energy. 

Self-hypnosis is a powerful tool, you can record your affirmations in your own voice and listen to them just before you fall asleep and before you rise in the morning, these are the best times to programme your subconscious mind which is receptive in these alpha states of mind.

As you keep repeating these affirmations your thinking will become positive and you will see everything optimistically 

You will be rejoicing and glad that you have a worthy life and you will be thankful and enthusiastic about getting out of bed every day and living a healthy and happy life.

Become mindful of what your thoughts are and make it a habit to think and grow healthy!

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