Life has a lot to offer to us. And we would often not want all that it offers. Ranging from a small nail paint bottle to a formal suit and from breakfast to dinner, there are endless things that leave us webbed among multiple choices out of which we can wave a green signal to only one.

The power of decision-making is a result of our notions and obviously discretion, and it is something that we all possess. But, does that potential inherent in us make it an easy process to select what is apt for us? Maybe sometimes we do make good decisions and sometimes just feel we lost it.

How unlikely is it that the losses won’t have subsequent impacts on our willpower? When our decisions hit the right target, the world seems a lovely place and that boosts our willpower and confidence. But when we make wrong choices, we feel betrayed. Undoubtedly, that is because of the fact that stress makes an easy entry into our minds.

When we have to consistently make choices we may reach a situation called decision fatigue. I have been through the same. The act of choosing between what might be the right career path and passion cannot be mapped with, for instance, the act of choosing between two different outdoor sports we would like to play.

I am a graduate and before my college was over, I made a decision to not take up a job and chose instead to prepare for exams to get into one the most renowned MBA colleges. That wasn’t a bad idea or was it? But that hardly mattered to me, I started preparing and found it quite interesting.

A couple of months later I did not find it motivating enough anymore and switched my mind to pursue an M Tech in Germany. The new thought—‘study abroad’ had formed its roots in my mind. Well, everything was on track from the choice of course to the application process. Luckily, I even received positive response from a few colleges, but not from the ones I was hoping to attend. So, the plan to head abroad got dropped after a series of discussions with people around.

For a few days, to me, everything was as useless and demotivating as a lost race. And suddenly I was questioning my every move. How, why and what now? Unfortunately, none of these could solve my problems.

Similar to other important things in our lives is the cognitive process to select among several alternatives. Why not pay it utmost attention? It’s not obligatory to make a decision but taking the right turn to our destination is completely dependent on our decision. The decisions may be influenced and may be individual sometimes, but let’s not forget that however it might be, it is ours to make one and must be thought over and over to not feel lost ahead.

People often believe that better decisions come out of people who don’t let their emotions colour their judgement. Well, maybe they are wrong because not every situation is alike. So, don’t be hard on yourself, but make sure you take enough time to settle on something that is ideal for you.

Of course, we know that it takes only a ball to knock down all the pins!

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