Ten hours of work routine and an hour’s commute later, you reach home and announce to your spouse, “Another tiring day! Targets, meetings, traffic are all driving me crazy. I have conference calls tonight and need to meet the client this weekend….” Your spouse cuts you off right there and retorts, “Don’t get me started on how bad my day at office was. Having a splitting headache but look, I have carried work home.”

The conversation soon turns heavy with both of you venting out the bottled-up stress, helplessness, fear, anxiety and anger. Across the room, your child is quietly watching you arguing about how your day was far worse than your partner’s. The scene is too familiar to him. Absorbing your vibrations, he is learning that stress, competition, comparison, anger and apathy are natural. And, career is more important than relationships.

Demanding workplaces coupled with career ambitions are leading to physical and emotional distress. It is difficult to identify when pressure changes to stress and stress manifests into illness. Work-life is thrown out of balance. Relationships are at the receiving end of our unpleasantness although they have nothing to do with our situation.

Where is so much negativity coming from?

Thoughts and emotions of conflicts, regrets, tragedies, fears, failures, pain or resentment have been accumulated since days, years, decades or even lifetimes. However, we failed to release these feelings when unpleasant incidents happened in the past. Now they have grown into full-blown toxic thoughts and emotions. The slightest stimulus triggers intense reactions.

What can we do?

With life pulling us in many directions, the least we can do is travel light by dropping emotional baggage from the past. We need to reclaim happiness, peace and health which are our natural, innate feelings.

Many of us believe in the benefits of body detox. From time to time we cleanse the body from internally produced toxins and replenish it with detox recipes or dietary supplements. We even shield the body from environmental toxins by sticking to strict personal care routines. But when it comes to handling emotional toxins we get into a denial mode.

Emotional Detox releases all the past pains, no matter how deep they are and purifies the mind. It creates space for right thoughts and behaviour.

Emotional detox needs to begin at the level of our thoughts. Thoughts are the energy we create because of the information (emotional nutrition) we consume. Our every thought is followed by a feeling. Feelings over a period develop our attitude. Attitude comes out into action. Any action done repeatedly becomes a habit. All our habits put together shape our personality. Our personality radiates energy and as will be the energy we send out, so will be the energy we receive according to the law of Karma, which becomes our destiny

The simple equation is: information = destiny.

This means that pure, powerful information intake creates pure, powerful thoughts. As the mind gets good thoughts, emotional detox happens. One can experiment with these simple practices for three months for a cleansed and rejuvenated mind: 

We often think and talk about our weaknesses—“I am too stressed… I am not good at this… I cannot give up this habit.” These are toxic thoughts. Replacing them with the below powerful affirmations daily in prayer, meditation or chanting empowers us to create the reality we want:

“I am a pure, powerful, successful being. I am calm… at ease… my every thought is right… my every word is right. I radiate respect to everyone at home and at work. My relationship with everyone is in harmony. I influence every situation with stability. I accept each one as they are.”

“I let go of past emotional patterns which are repeating in my present. I delete the old memory file of hurt… I delete… delete… let go.”

“I am on an emotional diet. I consume only emotionally healthy information. Everything I read, listen, eat and drink is my choice, and I choose purity. I do not allow anyone to talk to me about people’s weaknesses… I strictly refuse to listen… I focus only on their qualities. I radiate happiness and love to every cell of my body. I cleanse my mind and body. I create a destiny of happiness, health and harmony.”

Let us emotionally cleanse ourselves daily, choose a healthy emotional and physical diet, exercise and meditate to make Happy Always a natural way of being.


  • B K Shivani

    Spiritual Guide and Mentor

    Brahma Kumari Shivani has been a practitioner of Rajyoga Meditation of the Brahma Kumaris for over 20 years. Since 2007, she has been sharing spiritual principles for emotional well being on the TV show Awakening With Brahma Kumaris. The show has helped people overcome mental stress, depression, addictions, low self-esteem and unhappy relationships. In recognition of her contributions, she has been appointed as Goodwill Ambassador by the World Psychiatric Association. For her excellence in empowering Spiritual Consciousness, she was honoured with the Women of the Decade Achievers Award by ASSOCHAM’S Ladies League.