Your bed is made. A bedsheet is stretched taut and a quilt is placed on the side. You take a hot shower and are ready to jump in. But a few minutes of tossing and turning is of no use and soon, the minutes begin to stretch, the sheet feels coarse and rubs you the wrong way.

And just like that, your sleep is ruined.

Bedding makes all the difference. It’s often what, literally, comes between you and your sleep. How can you, then, enhance your sleep experience?

Thread counts

For soft, cool bed sheets that last for years, we look at its thread count. And often, the higher the thread or yarn count—or the number of threads woven into fabric—the better it is, right? Probably.

“A higher thread count defines the fineness of the product. If the fabric is dense and compactly woven, it will feel softer,” says Jai Bihani, assistant vice president, Welspun.

In fact, Spaces by Welspun’s bed products have some of the highest thread and yarn counts, but one must watch out for more than that when selecting bedsheets, he advises.

Thoughtful interventions

Spaces bedsheets are made from unique hollow core technology and use 100 per cent hygro cotton technology. “The result of this breakthrough hollow core technology and hygro cotton is that the fabric breathes more. Air easily flows through the fibres and the bedsheet naturally regulates temperature,” Bihani adds. “This means, it’s cool in the summer, and warm in the winter, so that it feels like an embrace.”

Hygo cotton helps regulate temperature and even absorbs moisture more efficiently than other common fibres. What’s even more remarkable is that these bed sheets are absorbent and become softer after every wash.

The bedsheets also come with easy-stain release, so that you don’t have to worry about cleaning. Not only this, there are also anti-microbial properties because charcoal, obtained organically from bamboo, is infused in each and every fibre.  

Asthma relief

Pillows are as important for sleep, and that is why the company’s pillow range has unique features. They’re not only anti-microbial and keep odour away, they can also bring asthma relief. “The company’s asthma-friendly pillow use non-chemically treated fabric which is woven in Welspun’s unique way. It stops any, especially asthma-causing, bacteria from going in, and allows you to sleep peacefully,” Bihani says. It’s also beneficial for those with any kind of allergies.

Guilt-free buying

More and more consumers are concerned about the ethics of business. For Welspun, that’s a welcome trend because the company utilises best-in-class practises at each step. “Welspun’s manufacturing facility, for instance, is a zero-discharge facility. Ninety two per cent water is reused, and the leftover eight per cent sludge is made into biogas. Each and every process—from how the cotton is organically grown, to how it’s procured, how it’s used in the products—is transparent and can be observed by customers,” Bihani says.

Spaces also use minimal chemical intervention and are certified by the best organisations on how eco-friendly they are. As no chemicals are used, your skin is safe.

Overall, Welspun infuses thoughtful features in its products so that nothing comes between you and your nightly rest.


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