Life is like a game of chess. Like the Japanese say, shikata ga nai, which means ‘it cannot be helped’. So, an individual is not powerless but the moves one makes in the game of chess (translating into the moves we make in daily life) builds the perception of losing or winning.

Pause and take a moment to think about a relay race, a 100-metre sprint and a marathon. Each one has a meaning, needs a mindset and a different approach. Each one drives towards one goal—the spirit of getting better.

At different stages in our lives, we are either relaying or sprinting or running a marathon and maybe doing all three in one day. That is because life is a combination of how we respond to daily moments and the inherent need to adapt and learn. It also takes practise to be able to see yourself clear through the eyes of your deeper consciousness. One needs to be open to learning rather than trying to control what our inner consciousness guides, however, most of the times that will depend on the answer you get while you ask, ‘What do I want to achieve’?

Like for Data Science and Machine Learning what we look at as the pedestal is past data to learn from while adding more data sets for the machine to learn and predict for us the best possible informed decisions. And what I call as hybrid management of life is nothing but making the best possible informed decisions based on our inner voice, experiences and data.

Here are my five action Cs every morning for a better planned day, and this one is not about starting the morning with a warm glass of water.

1. Carrying from yesterday

Consciously noting down what needs to be accomplished today and be cognisant of not letting things pile up from yesterday. I have realised that making notes every morning boost confidence considerably and that is because it is an exercise that removes ambiguity on what all needs to be addressed and without a chance to forget.

2. Cannot forget

Whatever reason anyone gives me about forgetting, I have observed that it is the simplest excuse that we give ourselves and others. What we do not realise that the more we allow ourselves to forget, the more vulnerable we get intrinsically, only to realise at a later stage. What I do is note down daily the essential five things that I will not allow myself to forget that day—even if it is a promise of calling someone back. That helps me in two ways—helps strengthen my memory and keeps me closer to my commitments.

3. Calendar

This was always there though earlier we used to have paper weights and table calendars where we used to mark and of course then MS Outlook and smartphone happened and today we all have access to virtual assistants! Calendar is something we use to make our life easier and not complicated. I block key items, try not to move the blocked items and go through daily morning before starting work. Even more ideal to have a look at the next day calendar a day before.

4. Compelling aura

Daily conscious practise towards how I think and how I speak. As I mentioned above, how we respond to situations is what makes us. So, I spend some time with myself to think on some of the key actions that I could be taking for the day and how I can make each of those compelling. That acts like a ‘toner’ for my mind to infuse it with fresh energy.

5. Collectivist mindset

If you can sprint it, walk it or marathon it, not bad; however, it entirely depends on if you think daily moments of life as just a race or a race to enjoy. What helps is building a circle of support, relaying it out and winning as a team. Collectivist culture helps us think about control (over our actions) in a more holistic manner.

So, a practise of imbibing this as a mindset helps me with agility. Also, at times I try hybrid—for example a mix of relay and sprint which essentially converts to leading by example and still winning as a team.

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  • Ankoor Dasguupta

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