Self improvement and self investment in terms of improvement have always been important. It has always been necessary for a man to invest in personal growth and make their life more than just about the work that they do and the knowledge that they obtained between the ages of two and 24 (school to college).

Not that an individual necessarily followed that code and did the right thing. But there are many who did and today each and every single person you’ll see who has reached the top will accredit their success to their behaviour and an attitude towards constantly making time and leaving room for self improvement. 

It’s quite fascinating and frightening to me at the same time that several people seem to think that they’re doing “just fine” and “Okay” and that they know all that they need to. But I guess we all know that one person, and that one person has been us at some point in our lives or us still. True story. 

But let’s dive into the current scenario into the altered world with coronavirus. We’ll see that in this whole scenario, several of us are coming out with our “Breakthrough” stories. People who have in this entire term have been and are still finding light into their capabilities and gaps in their performance. 

While we’re fighting the virus in our surroundings by sanitising ourselves, the virus in our mind is severely popping out. All those germs have become much more visible now. 

Now, I understand that many of us are fighting much more difficult battles in terms of this whole financial crisis and the situation which is already starting to affect us and the worry of the “global recession” that is coming up to smack the majority of us which will lead to a lot of jobs lost and many of their pays being cut off into half or worse. 

Some of us are responding to this situation by starting to save up (finally), some of us are reducing all their unnecessary expenses in order to be much smarter in terms of dealing with what’s coming. 

A lot of us have been constantly hit by the messages and the preaching of people by calling others to take action and not waste this entire time available in our palms by “Investing in developing our skills or learning new skills.” 

Many have taken it up seriously and have started a lot of new ventures up in their life, regardless of how little or big. 

While I understand with the fact that the lockdown and quarantine is not a productivity contest, although some people seem to have become more condescending of others in the process while they have been investing in their own self growth, and that’s not right.. 

This isn’t about the competition or simply finding the best way to kill free time! This is much more serious and deeper than that. With a whole lot of changes coming in place, the need for self development and self-Investment has skyrocketed. No matter how ignorant one may be about it, one will understand it at some point. 

As they say, the real problem is going to occur right after the lockdown ends. But I’m afraid we aren’t learning from our mistakes at all

Truth be told, what did we learn from this entire pandemic? The need to be ready for adversities and situations in advance. Now, I understand no one anticipated this, but this isn’t about the present scenario at all. 

Take a glance into the past, how many people who failed to foresee the changes coming and make essential changes in their life truly messed up and ended up being miserable later? Many. 

What’s very concerning right now is the fact that a lot of us have become very closed and reserved over the money that we currently possess and becoming overly analytical about investing it in someplace. The most concerning is that we’re still not seeing the real need to start making some serious investments in ourselves and optimising ourselves at this very moment to rise above the crisis that is about to come. 

Ladies and gentlemen, this lockdown, lifting up of jobs and people being trimmed down could be a blessing in disguise. The world has had enough of people being locked into a system of doing things which they aren’t exactly happy doing and following a mundane lifestyle “To make ends meet”. 

As Earl Nightingale once said; “The opposite of courage isn’t fear. It’s conformity.” 

We’re all fighting a battle of who works the hardest to be the best candidate to “Fit in somewhere” while all that we should do is “create”. 

At this moment, it’s the best wake up call for each and every single one of us to invest time and our resources into “creating our own identities”. 

Yes, as painful or hurtful that it may be to admit that you may not have truly “Crafted your own identity”, yet, and it all comes down to a matter of “pride” to not admit that you may need to figure yourself out more.. 

Ask yourself this one question: “Who cares?” “What am I so proud about to admit that I need to work on myself while even the smartest person seeks to improve and understand himself better?” 

When you try to answer these two questions, you will understand and realize that your pride doesn’t mean anything. It’s an image you’re creating for yourself, not one that others necessarily think about you. 

Because truth be told, gathering the courage to raise your hands and seek for help requires “Vulnerability.” 

Vulnerability does not come without true courage. In this situation, you can either turn yourself into the hunter or the gatherer. his situation calls for you to take ownership of your life and with the earth rebooting itself, it’s time for you to drop your guard down and focus on “rebooting” yourself. 

So far, some of you may still be in denial or the smart lot of you may be wondering “How do I reboot?” 

There are plenty of ways. You either use the online mediums like YouTube, Udemy, Coursera to learn and update yourself, or you take a step further into personalised transformation by attending training offered by several really credible people from outside or even hire yourself a coach who will guide you step by step helping you achieve powerful transformations to helping you creating your own unique, powerful identity while restoring 

your sense of purpose.

But you’ll only be willing enough to do that when you switch your mindset from looking at it as an “expense” to start looking at it as an “investment”. 

So, are you willing to be smart enough to take that call for action and shake off your rigidity or panic and remain where you are in life while you constantly fight the battle of “cutting through life” like you have been doing for so long? 

Repeat the pattern or BREAK the pattern. Choice is yours.


  • Akshay Taleda

    Emotional Intelligence Expert | Life-Transformation Coach

    Akshay has worked with several millennials and Gen-X helping them discover & Unleash their potential. He is a former Model, event manager, and worked for platforms like TEDx until he identified his true desire to make an impact in people's life and transitioned into the field of Training & Coaching. His mission in life to transform the lives of millions and touch the lives of a billion people through his seminars & writing.  He aims to change the narrative about intelligence and build an emotionally intelligent society that will transform the way world functions.