Life is not complicated, but they are situations that might be. Circumstances might work against me, but at least I should not turn against myself and start working against myself. This is something that life taught me and is continuing to teach me in unexpected ways.

Situations could be difficult, but life remains, and being in sync with that intelligent life working within all of us is the only way by which we can mould situations as per our choice. Or else, we remain like a puppet to circumstances.

From 2009, there have been many ups and downs, sometimes favourable, sometimes unbearable.

I was an athlete and seemed to have achieved my dream in 2011. But a career ending injury saw it slip away. I was okay with failure, but not being able to do anything about it killed me every moment thereon. All I could do was rest and hope to get healed, which unfortunately did not happen. This was just a start of problems for me.

Later, I found myself going through problems in business, studies, getting cheated and other hurdles that lasted for almost 11 years. Today, I’m grateful that it all happened. It is in a state of uncertainty that possibilities enter our lives. Uncertainty always meant limitless possibilities to me.

Somehow I believed that life happens to me, but also through me, hence I need to fix up myself if I want to redo my life as it is much easier to take control of myself rather than situations which involve a lot of people. Having a seeking and curious mind, I started on a journey of introspection which helped me reflect on where I was going wrong. If we look for an answer, it always comes, maybe a little late but it always does come in the least expected ways.

I learned that my own mind, my emotions had started to work against me which resulted in all the mess that I faced along with a never ending feeling of emptiness and emotionless state. I was always dictating my so called intelligent plans to life, but totally forgot that life itself is a lot bigger than my limited logical mind, therefore I decided to give life a chance and allow it to take me with its flow.

Only after I learned how to loosen up the mind’s grip over me and let go, did I start getting ideas which gave me a new direction and mission.

I ended up writing two self-help books—The Conscious Destiny and The Mindful Athlete along with developing programmes to help people take charge of their mind, emotions, health and life. Later on, life guided me to start my own company and help people online, and offline.

I strongly believe that the youth and education are the foundation of any country, and felt that I need to introduce these teachings to the youth at school and college level so that they don’t become a psychological mess, but lead the competent life that I’m currently living.

Unfortunately, a lot of emphasis has been given to the mind lately resulting in psychological problems that people face. We have totally lost touch with the life operating within that actually gives life to this mind which is ruled by logic, but life remains limitless. There is some intelligence within us, which makes sure that we continue to breathe even while asleep, it makes sure that our heart keeps beating, and if that inner force leaves, the mind and body won’t even exist.

Since we take life for granted, there are several psychological problems. Once we realise that our mind and body only exists to serve the will of the life within, only then we will loosen the grip of conditioned beliefs and logic over us, further transforming us from a limited psychological being to a limitless piece of life. Mind and body are only a tool, let us not make a mere tool the ultimate, they just exists to serve the life within.

It is truly said that life is a wonderful servant, but a terrible master, therefore, let it be a servant, as it only exists to serve the real “you”. Everything that we need exists within us, be it motivation or inspiration.

Don’t look for them in the mind, its very nature is to be fickle, but the intelligent life within is constant and a 100 per cent life-oriented, and by being in touch with it, we will find everything that we need to give our life a new direction.