For all those familiar with the theory that we need to first feel positive about the good coming our way before it actually materialises around us, do not feel bogged down with the pressure of feeling good immediately when you’re not! I find that doing some very simple and accessible things help me lift my mood, vibration, attitude and energy way more quickly and easily than what we would imagine or expect!

Here’s a buffet of eight things for lifting the mood. Try some and see what appeals to your senses and make your own magic formula!

1. See: I cannot emphasise enough the impact of seeing beautiful flowers, on one’s mood! I feel we just don’t leverage the therapeutic benefit of nature and plants and flowers in our life. I highly encourage indoor plants more than outdoor since they stay more in our vision. Go and buy at least one easy to maintain indoor plant or get fresh flowers frequently. You don’t need an occasion for this. The more you make plants and flowers a part of your home and your surroundings, the better impulses you will feel to stay joyful. 

2. Smell: I highly recommend keeping some essential fragrant oil like peppermint, rose, lavender, tuberose or jasmine which you could either just put two drops on your pulse point or put in a diffuser. Peppermint instantly lifts the senses and lavender calms you down. Take your pick!

3. Sip: Even the ‘high IQ-low EQ’ character Sheldon Cooper in The Big Bang Theory is a big proponent of the protocol of serving a hot beverage to someone not feeling their best. Keep tea bags with infusions of lemongrass, peppermint or rose in your kitchen and enjoy their soothing effect as you sip and relax.

4. Taste: Ok fine! Go grab that piece of indulgent chocolate with cranberries and cookies if that makes you feel better! As long as it’s dark chocolate, you’re good with a few bites now and then.

5. Hear: Play that song! The one you can hear over and over, one which instantly lifts your spirits because it reminds you of good times or simply some joyful music that appeals to your senses at that time.

6. Light: …a candle. Even if it’s afternoon. Feel the candle cleansing the energy as you go about doing whatever it is that you’re doing.

7. Feel: …your breath. One must practise being aware of their breath! Practise sitting down for a few minutes every day, whether on your office desk or in your home and just observing and feeling your breath slowly moving in and out, feeling the flow, first externally, above your lips and then gradually internally all through your body. Just staying aware and focussed on your breath takes your mind and attention away from things and brings you more in tune with your own well-being. 

8. Write: While a pretty looking journal does have its own merits, don’t hesitate to use your phone notes as a place to write a few things each day. Write down five things you are grateful for in your life, when you are feeling low. Or make it a habit at bedtime to write down two to three things that you were grateful for in the day, as you release that day and slip into sleep and look forward to a joyful tomorrow.

So, go now…lift it up!

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  • Manmeet Vohra

    Brand management professional

    Manmeet Vohra has over seventeen years of strategic marketing and rich retail brand management experience and is a leading name in the luxury and lifestyle industry. She is former marketing, category and loyalty head of Starbucks in India; former head marketing at TAG Heuer watches (at LVMH Group) and Visa and has also worked briefly at L’Oreal. Recipient of many awards and featuring in industry power lists, Manmeet has been extensively covered in various articles in leading newspapers and magazines. She has also been a speaker at prestigious B-schools in India, including being on the advisory board. In her free time, Manmeet likes exploring wine and coffee; following Formula 1; enjoying travelling to new places; engaging in fitness, yoga and meditation.