It is no secret that networking leads to success. There is a direct correlation between who you spend time with and what your life looks like. The kind of people who you spend your time with, personally and professionally, does affect your life. 

You tend to be happier if you hang out with happy people, more successful if you hang out with successful people, more pessimistic if you hang out with pessimistic people. If you want to root out career-enhancing opportunities, rewarding projects, and a better life, think about the kinds of people you can start to surround yourself with, because, as they say, “Success rubs off.” And in this age of social media and gadgets-dependent life, one needs to discover more efficient ways to network with like-minded people. Here are some reasons why you should think of networking with the right set:

1. Networking is more about knowing the person than just their business 

While meeting new people, make sure you ask questions, not just about someone’s brand/company but also themselves. Knowing more than just their name and designation won’t only help you know someone better but also give you common grounds to bond on. Ask about what is their way of unwinding or their idea of a perfect Sunday and you can get more insight on their life and ideologies.

2. Innovative spaces to network at

The mundane way of networking at seminars is out. Now, you don’t need a curated two-hour long expo or seminar to meet people and discover new avenues. People can network anywhere, be it a wedding, social gathering or even house parties. Remember, talking is the key. If you can approach influential people and talk efficiently then the place hardly matters.

3. People are looking to network beyond visiting cards 

Networking is no more just about going to expos and exchanging business cards. It has become more about knowing more about a person and their business rather than just collecting their email ids and contact numbers. In this age of technology and social media, one can ask for Instagram handle to know what someone is actually like, personally and professionally. 

4. People look to impress at the first interaction 

The first impression is the last impression. You don’t really get too many chances when it comes to meeting influential/successful people. So make sure your first chance is utilised at its best. One of the best ways to build a professional network is to be the kind of person other successful people want to be around. Be helpful, be confident and know what you bring to the table. Everyone likes a confident person who knows exactly what he/she wants

5. More set of entrepreneurs in means more people looking to network and grow their brand

Due to the availability of endless opportunities and the will to not do a mundane 9 to 5 job, many people are taking the freelancing route and/or the road to entrepreneurship. It is only in today’s day and age that you can find a 21-year-old who is a founder & CEO of a brand. This means there are more entrepreneurs than ever who are looking to grow and expand their business by collaborating and associating with other entrepreneurs. As they say, the more the merrier. 

6. Building brand presence through innovative ways of promotion 

The channels of promoting a brand have expanded and how. It is not just via advertisements and advertorials. Curating workshops, designing engaging activities, associating with influential people can give a boost to any brand’s presence. Success in the 21st century isn’t created solo. It’s built within a web. Hence, one needs to constantly think on his/her feet to explore new and avant-garde ways of promoting one’s brand.

7. Make the right connections

One should always focus on building an effective network and not a massive one. It’s true that each and every person is important and useful in some way or the other in one’s life but picking the right ones can make your life more efficient. Being social is great, but you don’t need the world’s most massive network. You need a few strong connections with people you feel a real resonance with. 

8. Network is your net worth

Your network is your net worth because it’s directly related to your status and whether you’re recognised in your field. The right opportunities start coming your way, from anywhere, once you start investing more time into building a solid network. By being exposed to the thinking of new individuals in your industry, you gain a new perspective.

So step out of your comfort zone and get a head start. Sure it will take patience, some personal qualities, feeling some discomfort, improving your confidence, and more, but once you get the hang of it, there’s no stopping you from building a great pool of network. 


  • Priyanjali Dhoot Malpani

    Founder and CEO

    The Clique Club

    Priyanjali Dhoot Malpani is the founder and CEO of The Clique Club, an exclusive invite-only Experiential Networking Club. The Clique Club aims at building meaningful connections in the social and networking space for like-minded individuals. An ambitious individual with a versatile personality, Priyanjali has a radical vision and a profound sense of business.