I came across the term ‘Okazaki fragments’ while still in high school and it immediately intrigued me enough to find out its essence. In technical terms, these are short sequences of DNA nucleotides synthesised discontinuously and later linked together by the enzyme DNA ligase to create the lagging strand during DNA replication. Essentially, without these fragments, the replicated DNA from the lagging strand would be incomplete, making it useless.

The irony was that I was science student at school, add a prefix and so I graduated in Political Science, however the science of things stayed in me.

Humans, who effectively communicate a clear sense of purpose with themselves, have the potential to arrive at the right questions so that we can let more light come into our sense of purpose.

For me, my purpose defines the glue of my Okazaki fragments. Purpose is not a list of the education, experience, and skills you’ve gathered in your life. This should be specific, personal, resonating with you and you alone. The purpose should be naturally captivating, yet raw that needs to be transformed into impact. Some may have a natural bent of mind towards introspection while some may find it philosophical.

Humans have a natural affinity towards complex things. If we keep it simple, it is just finding our existential purpose and what will act as catalyst to bind that purpose with relevant actions in continuum.

Being curious keeps us high on energy and helps fill the fjords of how we join our effusive thoughts. I have always been a believer of a natural adhesive that combines our moments for a snowball that leads to a higher purpose. Human perspicacity today, indulges with pace, competition and various ways of perceiving success. So, knowing your ‘Okazaki fragment’ clears the vision and the clutter.

Here are six keywords (Okazaki fragments) that have helped me immensely for a better DNA of purpose and better understanding of my existence. The order might differ for individuals, however, if these join properly, ossifies into a purpose-driven life. Also, none of these can be imbibed overnight and needs constant actualisation and directional effort. You can easily remember it as GETBCP.

1. Gratitude: We may say this word a lot, however, this needs conscious continual effort. The easy way that I found out (that has worked for me well) is forming a habit daily to thank the universe for shelter, food, family, friends and for everything good or not good that I have experienced till now. This practise has led me towards being a more calm and thoughtful self.

2. Empathy: Compassion simply acts as a catalyst to all the above. Shape this up and simply feel the difference in seeing humans and animals with this lens. It comes free of cost and that may be the problem as any free things at times are taken for granted.

3. Tenacity: Grit and determination are something we all know but we tend to lose focus at times. This is something which builds your inner strength, the real strength.

4. Benevolence: I used to ask myself, what is that which can give deeper and longer lasting peace and joy. This is it. I started my endeavour towards one act of kindness every day. That helped me understand how important it is to give back something to this universe whenever you can.

5. Control: I learnt the importance of this word from my Six Sigma training where it starts with Define, Measure, Analyse, Improve, Control. Many big experiments in the world have been first done in controlled environments to bring in proper results. Here we are talking about control over what we speak, how we project our emotions, what we think and how we plan to contribute to our purpose of existence, it’s all in our mind, but we forget to ask ourselves which entails us being controlled by our respective minds rather than vice-versa.

6. Pain: If looked at deeply, pain has more ability toevolve and grow people rather than happiness. Look around—pain helps a lot in shaping both mind and body. So, when there is a challenging situation (I know it is easier said than done), accepting it and working with the challenge (not against it) to overcome it is possibly the easiest way.

Select your focus and let your purpose drive you!

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  • Ankoor Dasguupta

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