The pandemic turned out to be a ‘shock-and-awe’ performance for the citizens of the world. We all, although surprised at the very outset, started to do all the unusual chores which we swore never to do, eventually, we became accustomed. 

Let us look at the long list of all the things we took an initiative towards. To be honest, all of these felt like putting a quart in a pint pot. For instance, that email from the boss while being quarantined was like ‘Ghost of Christmas Past’, exercising without gym equipment wore down our morale, and to top it all, we pulled a long face while mopping the floors and cooking all day long. This is merely a snapshot of many of the major daily activities we performed, and are performing, habitually. 

These don’t feel ad nauseam anymore, in fact, based on the conversation with various people in my network, ranging from corporate professionals to students, some actually feel that Covid-19 has reminded them of what’s important, what’s not! A moment of self-reflection that pointed out many actions that we have really enjoyed. Tasks we wish we did more often. Activities we couldn’t even think of enjoying but we do, now!

While there might be a bunch of knotty problems and negativity, sometimes just like how much people are excited to listen about zero-gravity experiences, this inside-out life-experience brings the best of both lifestyles.

Photo by Bich Tran/ Pexels

Let us toast to the habits that got reinforced in the process of adjusting to the pandemic. I would like to tone down my busy lifestyle to sustain these small positive gestures post the crisis:

A – Take soft breaks from all the work. While being caught up between writing articles, networking, attending video meetings, and studying the coursework, I have started maintaining a healthy work-life balance. Check up on your loved ones, grab those munchies or better, take a power nap. 

B – Wake up early in the morning (not too early!), perform yoga and then perform some cardio or weight exercise (if you’ve dumbbells). The early morning exercises not only boost confidence but are a plus for mental and physical wellness.

C – Cook, cook, cook! You don’t need to be a Michelin Star chef to cook that pasta and garlic bread. Nobody expects you to cook duck à l’orange! Try to cook something on the lines of healthy and satisfying. Also, try lending a helping hand to your mother or counterpart. 

D – Empathy. Alright, this is not a habit, rather an acquired manner! The lockdown has made me more empathic and caring towards my near and dear ones. Being more understanding establishes strong bonds, which have no expiry dates.

This sums up my quarantine-voyage so far. There might be other aspects which have been untouched, embedded into the deep tranches of personality and might take years for me to find out. One thing that the pandemic has brought is a sensational wave of acquired learning altogether. 

For the time being, I must conclude, in the words of Socrates, “I am a Citizen of the World, and my Nationality is Goodwill.” Spending more time with yourself, what’s that something which you discovered?

Keep Thriving, keep shining!


  • Mozammil Rana

    Contributing author

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