Bathing can be therapeutic but what are the ways in which you can care for your body, skin and hair while in the bathroom? Here are some carefully picked tips:

1. Watch your ingredients 

Certain ingredients can irritate your skin regardless of what the back of the bottle says. So ditch the products that claim to have milk and honey for the real deal? Milk helps moisturise the skin, and soaking in milk and honey can help improve the texture of your skin. 

Did you know that herbs can be used in a bath? From peppermint, tulsi, to green tea, these herbs have a positive effect on the skin. They can be boiled or sprinkled lavishly—their fragrance makes for great company. 

Sometimes, soap itself is not good for your skin. While many dermatologists say that water itself is sufficient, there’s no harm in trying trustworthy bathing products. Another way is to try dry brushing. 

As the name suggests, dry brushing is a way to remove dead skin cells and dirt from the surface of the skin. It is what it sounds like: a natural fibre brush is used on the skin and the bristles movement on the skin helps exfoliate it. It’s the perfect skin detox. 

2. Don’t ignore certain body areas

Sometimes, it’s easier to stand under the shower for two minutes and rush back to our hectic days. But remember to pay attention to your body: from your inside elbows, the space between the toes, ears, neck, to your feet. 

Some TLC for your feet can go a long way. Photo Unsplash

Most of us fret over dry, cracked feet. It’s natural because our feet’s skin is easily damaged due to walking. A surest way to look after your feet is to wash it with warm water. You could also soak your feet in warm water, add a pinch of epsom salt, and then use a washcloth to scrub it till the dry skin is peeled off. 

3. Spare a second for the hair 

While we take great pains to shampoo or conditioner our hair, we don’t really think about the process of showering and shampooing. What of the two comes first? Dermatologists suggest that if you have dandruff and an acne-prone skin, it’s best to wash your hair first and then wash your acne-prone areas such as the face, chest and back. 

And once you’ve showered, pay close attention to your feet and hair, remember that your skin is still supple and soft. It’s important to pat it dry with a soft towel and not rub it vigorously that could leave it damaged, red and itchy. 

And finally, it’s important to seal the efforts you’ve put into your skincare. Here’s where the strictest rule of all comes in. As bathing robs skin of essential oil, it is crucial to moisturise the skin right after getting out of the shower. Not five or 10 minutes later but in under three minutes. 

Remember to follow these tips for a luxurious and healing bath. 


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